Sunday, 18 March 2012

New "Gauntlet List" and an apology

Tanks and Guns..what more could you want!  
 Hey guys, firstly can I apologise that it has been a slow week on the blog.. from my point of view, I have a crazy week with work - it's really kicking my ass..we have an external departmental inspection from Ofsted (the UK schools inspection body) and they are a rigourous bunch!

So I've had very little 40k time.

However, this is not to say that I have no thoughts..we've been smashing lists through a variety of playtesting gauntlets and next up we have a GK list to play against.

This is not a list any of us are thinking of taking, but it is one that we think is a tough bastard.

This list is based around getting as much GK firepower into an 1850 list as possible. I've read on YTTH Stelek putting forward this marine/razor/psycannon spam army at 2k, but the 1850 version doesn't have access to quite as many psycannons, for obvious reasons.. and I've only ever seen a list like it ONCE at a tournament, that was at the 2K NOVA style - Jolly Toys Outing.. but that army had a lot more Rhinos than Razors

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Termie Armour, Psycannon, Hammer 80
3 x 5 Purifiers - 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, Razorback - Psybolts
5 x 5 Strike Squads - Psycannon, Razorback - Psybolts (4 of the 5 squads have a Hammer)
2 x 5 Purgation Squads - 2 Psycannons, 2 Incinerators, Razorback - Psybolts
All vehicles have searchlights.

Now, it has 21 KPs..but when was the last time you really worried about that? Only when you play KP Denial lists..that have their own MASSIVE set of screw it.. But in all fairness, most mechanised armies are in the high-teens anyway, mech guard and wolves are often very close to this.. plus, I think we all know that it is largely irrelevant if the other army is just dead..

Savage in the midfield, which it is in turn full capacity fire from turn 2. Unless of course, the opponent goes first and you've foolishly not generated enough of your cover that your Av11 gets truly punished.. but then thats what the damage table and fortitude is for, no? lol.

Relies on rending psycannons for heavy tanks, but who cares.. kill the transports and the people and then worry about that... tank shock and block deathstars, shoot hordes to death one at a time or engage one horde unit with both Purgation squads (after tank shocking into their ranks) and use the Purifiers against another... 2/3 Cleansing Flames vs 30 Orks or Termagants or Blob IG? Yeah, that'll do it..

I think it is pretty nasty...let me know guys, is this a list that we should all know how to take apart and deal with? I can't do my usual playtesting on Monday (due to said inspection) but I'll be trying this out on Wednesday to see how lethal it is and see how my Necrons do against it, although I must admit, I am really enjoying both Sisters of Band of Brothers and the Paladin army...


  1. Its a good list to test against, but I wouldn't use it for a gauntlet army because ... of what you said.

    You've seen it once at 2k, and really the point of the gauntlet (always has and always will be, in any game) to practice against the common lists/setups you'll see.

    The list itself is fine, and will defo give most people problems, but I'd just be more aware of the list and run a more typical GK UK tourney list as the gauntlet version (3x dreads, 1 ven dread + coteaz / purifier spam seems to be the standard in all the placing lists I see).

  2. That's a fair point, but we've all played against that a lot and know how to play it.. the idea is to play stuff we've not come across but strong lists that could give us problems..

    The nasty Coteaz spam is tough.. like this:

    Ven Dread - Psyfle
    10 Purifiers - 4 Cannons, 4 Halberds, Hammer, Rhino - Searchlights
    10 Purifiers - 4 Cannons, 4 Halberds, Hammer, Rhino - Searchlights
    5 x 3 Aco's - Razorback- Psybolts
    1 x 5 Strikes - Psycannon, Razorback - Psybolts
    3 x Psyfledread

    The Purifiers can combat squad and steal 2 aco's rides, leaving them in reserve to walk on later.
    4 Dreads, 5 Cannon units, 6 Psybacks

  3. I defo agree that there should be "wildcards" in testing.

    I am trying to work out how to do this for 40K. In FPS's we just practised against the best team we could find (did help that I was friends with the world #1 team, and they would routinely give us a hiding, give us our their demo's and chat to us about what they exposed). In 40K maybe its just a case of tailoring lists.

    Tailoring is bad for the person that is tailoring, but if its not their actual list but just a wildcard in your testing it could be beneficial in pushing your list to its limits.

    Right now wildcards for me for our gauntlet probably will be orks/eldar and maybe something else. Sort of thing you see at times, but not enough to practice routinely against.

    The gauntlet is hard as well as you need to be somewhat detached, the temptation is to put your own spin on a list too much, and at that stage your just testing your own list lol.

    Though there is merits in just doing what Stelek calls the litmus test, but only every so often.

  4. Oh I am more than likely going to switch to a very similar list to that GK list Ven and give it a go.