Friday, 17 February 2012

1500 Necrons - Basics only!

This image is irrelevant, but I like it..:)
Paul Johnson asked in comments to another post whether I had thought much about 1500 Necrons, specifically competitive 1500.

Now, I haven't played at 1500 in a while, apart from an introduction game at the club about 5-6 weeks ago, and that was a fun army with Sanguinor and Mephiston (at 1500...yup!), so I am not 100% sure that this is as hardcore as it could be.

I think I would want to keep the basic elements of 1750-1850 Necrons that I am having success with (and everyone else is too) namely:
Command Warscythe Barges (which the internet seems to be calling Pwn Barges)
Veil Immortals
Double Pulses
Annihilation Barges
Min sized warriors in the backfield/reserve to claim quarters/objectives late game.

Well, actually..that's pretty much the list....

Overlord - Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Command Barge - Gauss Cannon
Overlord - Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Command Barge - Gauss Cannon
Royal Court - 1 x Pulse
Royal Courts - 1 x Pulse and 1 x Veil
10 x Immortals, Gauss
5 x Warriors
5 x Warriors
5 x Warriors
5 x Warriors
8 x Scarabs
8 x Scarabs
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

So that is 1500 on the dot.
Plenty of Anti Infantry through ABarges and Veil Immortals
Anti Tank comes through Scarabs, Pwn Barges and ABarges (Transports/Light Vehicles) , you can of course plink away with 2 S8 from Lances.. but they are just a bonus for taking the Solar Pulse.

Utilising the Pulses you can really put massive hurt on any enemy before they get to you.

The other issue to consider is that in the UK, 1500 points, players like a good Deathstar.. the issue is that a lot of the time, no one has the tools to put down the Deathstar.

So how would this list handle the Deathstars? Scarabs can eat the Land Raiders (which typically contain the Deathstars) and with the right number of Scarabs..i.e. this many, you can surround the Land Raider and using entropic strike you can wreck the Land Raider and the unit inside dies mwuhahahahahaha!

Or, more typically, you explode the LR, the Termies charge the Scarabs, mush them, get a massive consolidate and still bloody hit the Necrons lines! lol.

Oh and just in case you weren't sure.. after de meching the Termies..ignore them.

Mephiston is the other typical killer unit.. here, perhaps the need is to drop ONE Scarab from each unit and buy the wonderful Mindshackle Scarabs for each Overlord. This way, we can charge both Lords at Mephiston and kill that fucker. (I've changed that in the list above now)

Two of the Warrior squads stay in reserve, the others just being hosts to the Lance Crypteks.

I think this is a decent 1500 list and has a plethora of tools to fuck around with the opponent. I hope this is what Paul wanted..if not..well, it's what I'd probably run.. Laters.


  1. Hi Ven and thanks so much buddy for the response.
    I like the list I'm going to post my list here.

    Overlord w/ Mindshackle, warscythe and command barge with Gauss
    Royal Court: Harbinger of Despair with veil, 2x Harbinger of Destruction 1 w/pulse and Harbinger of the Storm w/lightening field.

    10x Immortals w/gauss
    10x Immortals w/tesla
    5x Warriors
    5x Warriors

    3x Heavy Destroyers
    6x Scarabs
    6x Scarabs

    3x Annihilation Barge w/Gauss

    Though looking at your above list I may make some changes. I really like the fire power from the Heavy Destroyers though I might drop the 2nd Immortal squad w/tesla to get me in another overlord and drop the storm cryptek. Any other suggestions, one thing to note i only have 12 scarab bases lol!

  2. The 3 Heavy Destroyers are very expensive for 1500.
    They do put out some great fire power, but I think that you need more boys rather than more toys at 1500 - basics and efficiency.

    How do you run the H of Storm w Lightning Field?

    I like that you have the 2nd 10 man Immortals, but I don't think you can field them and the Destroyers..

    1. It does work out but I sacrifice the 2nd overlord, the H of storm with lightning field is designed to sit on the 2nd immortal squad w/ tesla that will sit on an objective @ midfield or home. It was more an experiment. The list I posted comes out to 1495.