Sunday, 29 January 2012

WIP Conversion: Destroyers into Wraiths

I used to run full blown Destoyer-wing Necrons..
I have about 24-26 Destoyers.
Time to put some to good use.
Whilst I like the Heavy x 3 option as a unit, I find other choices and the way the whole list works together requires a very specific build for Destroyers.
So I'll keep the majority as they are, in the meantime, I want to use some Wraiths in 2K lists, so I am converting them from Destroyers into, what are essentially, Destroyer Lords using the Lychguard kit and kit bashing the 2 together. I bought 2 boxes of Lychguard with a proportion of tournie prize money ages ago and used 3/4 to represent different Necron Lords and general Court shenanigans.. the rest.. free for this..

6 Wraiths.. no cost. Sweet.

It's looking good so far..

Image up top is my D-Lord.. he's had a slight retouching using the Tamiya Weathering Kit.. I still have a real urge to get some green/blue in there somewhere to represent the verdigris element of aged metal, try and bring the colours to life and I need to use some Purple somewhere in order to blend with the rest of the army..he will count as just another Wraith for my purposes.

Here are his cousins..the rest of the Wraith squad..
This is the first one in parts, from this angle we can see how I want him to look..

Next up, the dude with the Particle Caster...what better way to get the WYSIWYG than to actually equip the dude with a PC..

This is what the squad looks like together, at this time I'm still putting particle caster dude together to fill the 6th slot in the unit..

A couple of views of the metallics with just 3 different weathering powders used over a black basecoat/primer.

Just like the D-Lord, I need to get some more turqouise in there and some purple to blend with the rest of the army, but I am pretty chuffed with them.. this chap is a test model along with the Lord, but it took a total of 5 if I have 40 mins spare later I will do the whole lot.. Very simple, but effective..

Think I'll be going back over the rest of the army and adding at least the rusting to every model.. get the "detailed painting" soft points and "wyiswyg" at tournaments and to just be proud of the army on the tabletop..

Anyone know if you can get  verdigris weathering powders? Just to make life super simple? lol!


  1. Assault Destroyers! nice use of some old mini's dude.

  2. Ha! Thanks bro! I like to view them that way...Destoyers don't give a crap about how they kill..just that they do! Nihilistic bastards...

  3. Looking good man - just looking at some bits stuff myself for my project :P

    Liking the weathering I have to say.

  4. for Verdigris just get some Torquise paint and water it really thin, then apply liberally, let it dry then repeat untill you get the desired effect.

  5. Cheers Rick.. I've done that before..was looking for an even faster shortcut! I'll give it a go!