Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WIP Black Templar Bikers!

As some of you may have read in this post, I painted up some Orks this weekend for fun.. well..the skin was fun... I have also been aching for a new project since I completed my all fairness, that was a small project as I already had the force, I just updated with Barges and more Scarabs.. it was always going to be a quick update..
I am still enjoying playing them, this weekend is in fact their first tournament - Caledonian Uprising. Can't wait..

But I need a hobby project to go on with at the same time.. This hobby is very dynamic/fluid for me... I can't sit still or rest on my laurels..I enjoy the game so much I just like to have something stirring in the pot for the future..

This brings me to my Black Templar Bikers.... these guys actually got an appearance in the one of the first posts of the blog over a year ago...(proof of no band wagoning from me here!) where they stared as the Biker Captain and Command Squad Vs Tau (you can find that shocking bit of video HERE...ah my old kitchen table..poor substitute for the gaming club I now run! times change BOLLOCKS! It turns out that I never loaded that video up...umm...sorry).

The idea was that they would be built up as Black Templars 'Knights' - charging into the enemy at speed with great fury and righteous indignation.. but running them as a vanilla marine biker army led by the Great Khan himself... but I was buying a house at the time and the hobby expenditure sort of died a bit during that period..

I blew the dust off the models as I took them from the shelf and damn..they look good..I've styled those fuckers right.

And I began my painting.. Drybrushed all the metal first to get the details done like that.. then went over the armour and bikes with Vallejo Black-Grey and slapped on a very watered down white coat using Foundation Skull White...scrolls got a Khemri Brown coat (again, very watered)...

The next question is the hell do I get them to look like this!?

This is what I want from my Templar bikers and I am sure I have the skill to do most of it...hopefiully its not only achievable with an airbrish...that'd do my head in I

So the question is, do I work up from the Black- Grey base with Bleached Bone or Kommando Khaki to get a warm tone, or with white to just get it light....I'm pretty sure I don't want light.. so I think I'll try it..

Tonight is games club night (check us out if you live around the Cambridge area) so it'll be tomorrow night and friday night before I get a chance to try some ideas out..

If anyone has acheived this kind of result or knows how to, please let me know in the comments..even let me know that you think I'm a band wagoning bastard for starting a templar army now.. (I have proof I'm not fuckers! These models are OLD! Actually, no I don't...when I came to hyperlinking it turns out I never loaded it! Fuck...Band wagon away :( )....Do you like the poses? I'm thinking of slapping on a crap load more scrolls onto the bikes..make them very decorated etc..

On a rumours POV... there has been talk of a mounted character...possibly with some sort of lance weapon.. very cool...
IF I were to run a Templars bike army as actual Templars...IF that becomes possible...then my convertred EC may actually see some use as something other than Ko'sorro Khan!! Pics of him to come later in the week...although you can see his outline clearly in the right of the above photo...


  1. No takers? Boo! post it is then! lol

  2. haha, commenting on your own post!

    the poses are fine (for bikes, which are firstly terrible models and secondly incredibly hard to pose).

    as for the concept... bike armies are pretty sucky, i hope they are viable with templars. either way, i promise to take the piss for bandwagoning only when you inevitably forget about this and do a foot horde instead ;)

    oh and i have an airbrush. just saying...

  3. You seem to be liking my Black Templars. Did it work to recreate the way I painted mine?