Monday, 16 January 2012

Necron FAQ does what Ven said...

Whoot...A Xenos army got a powerful and accurate FAQ, bugger all nerf batting either.

Barge Lord doesn't have to put up with smoke affecting his warscythe against vehicles.
Can then charge a different unit.


Scarabs conga line no-go, just placed in coherency with a model that hadnt been spawned this turn. Still gain a few inches from jumping in front, but nothing stupid.

Entropic Strike gets clarified in the way that everyone played it right? Except for those whingers that thought it was too powerful... fuck you gun line guard officially... :)


Storm Lord can use a Chronometron Tek to reroll Night Fight.. yup..said he did.

Ever Living and Res Orb works..good - it's chuffin' supposed to!


"Q: If I have 2 Royal Courts, can one model from each

be attached to the same unit? (p90)
A: Yes."
This. This is my personal favourite as I can play the way I want to now.. Thank you GW

Whipcoils get a slight nerf.. Furious Charge dudes will hit simultaneously...PISSING GK Halberds will STILL hit first though at

Overall, thank you GW for an excellent FAQ.. What are your thoughts guys? There are several others with FAQ updates...perhaps most notably, SM of all flavours (that had it anyway) get Combat Squadding that works lol...finally...


  1. great set of Faq's almost all of which make sense and improve the game.

    some very interesting Guard changes, especially to Platoon deployment in Dawn of War and from reserve and with regards to priests and enginseers.

  2. I've summarised most of the FAQs on my blog. The Necron FAQ in particular is good. The C'Tan combination with Tremor Staves could be interesting and it's horrible for things with Slow and Purposeful too e.g. Ghazghkull, oblits etc.

    There's a raft of things that will suffer from the I1 applies first thing. Poor Tyranids and their lash whips!

    I have to say my highlight is that Jaws doesn't roll to hit again now!!

  3. in relation to "fluff" it just seems wrong to allow 2 crypteks per unit.
    you wouldn't have two wolf guard leading a single grey hunter pack.

  4. @Anonymous, i disagree. the two situations are entirely different. Crypteks would be attached wherever they are most useful. they are not squad leaders in the same way that Wolf Guard are, they are independent entities who are intelligent enough to decide where their skills are best utilised. therefore there is every reason for a 'Tek with Veil of Darkness and a 'Tek with that S8 anti tank thing to join together with a unit to best use their skills to get side shot on enemy tanks for example.