Friday, 25 November 2011

YES!! Tachyon Arrow!

Absolute Power!!
Whoot! S10 unlimited range!

Wait, 30 points and only hits on a 3+... hmm so it misses 33% of the time?


Fuck it.

Love it.

Blog Wars 2? Special Character & Tachyon Arrow... oh go on then...well, maybe..possibly..

Last night (Edit: Wednesday) I got a test game (well, 3 turns of one) in against Bringer's Imperial Guard mechanised army..
I played the following:
- Barge Lord, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave, Tachyon Arrow
- Obryon
4 Crypteks - 3 Lance with 1 Pulse, 1 Veil
2 x 10 Immortals - Gauss
3 x 5 Warriors
3 x 2 Heavy Destroyers
3 x Annihilation Barges

So a very shooty list with dual-Veil shenanigans..I was planning on some with a 'fasle' presence on the right flank only to then use fast skimmer, jump infantry and dual-veil movement to switch flanks and mess around with IG, catching them out of position...but I was seized on.. D'oh!

The Immortals are wicked fun. I love DS'ing them and rapid firing Gauss at stuff, its quality.. scatters not to bad either if you select decent places and TIME your move right..

However, dual veil is too much..too many troop bodies put at risk, so I think I'll just run one.. and what a one...but more on that in a bit..

The tachyon arrow hit a Hellhound, penetrated...cover save made, boo!..ah well, next time!

Destoyers are consisting good at taking out transports which leaves the Annihilation barges free (most of the time) to pump fire into disembarked troops..

Obyron is a beast in CC against mediocre units.. whole squads of IG troops..easy meat, 5 man MEQ squads (without powerfists.. *cough* Barge sweeps *cough*) are easy too.. His Cleaving Counterblow is quality!

But I really love the Warscythe Command Barges.. soo good! So let's try a Special Character Blog Wars 2 themed army.

Anrakyr the Traveller (name?) has a Tachyon Arrow (more useful for distraction and threat than actual physical damage possibly) and the can grab a Barge.. for only 245, so boom..let's take him.

And oh, within 18" I can take over an enemy tank on a 3+...and then fire it! pivot, Move 12", 18" range...pretty good..can of course squeeze out another 2.9" by getting out of the vehicle if the range is really tight..

Potential here is great.. POTMS redeemer? Psyfledread into the razorback spamming car park? AutoLas into transports? Hydra squadron at your own Vendetta's?? WIN.

And the retaliation? Well, he is still 18" away and if you concentrate on the units that can or could draw a line to him, then this increases his survival..also bad deployment can help here too!! Isolated units and such..

I want to keep the other Command Barge Overlord.. so that's Obyron out, therefore no dual-veil (can be done with 2 Courts, but I have decided against double).. but I want to keep the Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs to tie down one man units or little units ..Lone Wolves, Mephiston... perfect.

Court wise, I want 2.
2 Solar Pulses.
1 Veil
So a 4 man Court with 3 Destructions with 1 Pulse and 1 Veil/Shroud for Immortals
and a 2 man Court with 1 Destruction with a Pulse and 1 Lord with a Warscythe

Keeping the core of the Obyron list here,
3 x 5 man Warriors (each will have an attached Destruction Crytpek)
1 x 10 Immortals with Gauss (or Tesla for range? very possibly.....conversion time)
and then.. these will also have a Destrcution Cryptek attached which meshes well with the 'Assault' nature of the Tesla...walk away from CC without comprimising fire power.. thanks MVB.
1 x 10 Pyrrhian Eternals with Gauss (oh ok, Immortals) with an attached Veil/Shroud Cryptek and the Warscythe Lord

The Eternals have Counter Attack and Furious Charge and with S5 are not too bad, they are I3 on the charge and whilst they will almost always still be swinging last, they are not too bad at all!
The Lord benefits the most with 3 S7 power weapon attacks hidden in the unit.

2 x 7 seem decent enough to be both a pain and reasonably effective.. (points are the issue here...otherwise more!!)

No points though for Heavy Destroyers, although I could squeeze them in by losing the Mindshackle Scarabs and Shroud of Despair .. but I think the Scarabs will be better here..

3 Annihilation Barges - they are schweeet.. nuff said. Without doubt, a mainstay in almost all Necron armies.. I see Spyders in alot and I think they are a good shout, of course they are...but for me, these guys are the shit. They are slow to move and fire, but once in position (under cover of Night Fight) they rarely need to move, certainly no more than 6". Unless its to beat a swift retreat..
So. That is 1750 on the nose and I like it alot.
Alot less shooting, but then I should receive less myself due to 2 Solar Pulses.
I can Veil a unit around to contest or claim objectives and redeploy if I am over stretched or anything like that.

The real question is Gauss or Tesla for the Pyrrhian Eternals ...Gauss is great for gunnign down troops and can technically hurt anything in the game - vehicle wise..
Or Tesla for less anti infantry, good anti light vehicles and transports, better range and maintain fire and safe distance, plus are Assault so can be fired before charging with FC and Warscythe goodness?

Note...I'll not be charging unless I have absolutely no choice...this does not make a unit of Necrons good in CC...

What do you think guys? Obyron or Anrakyr? Is the Anrakyr list viable?
Tesla Vs Gauss? In this context..


  1. How about dropping 2 scarabs and getting a second Tachyon Arrow continue the theme?

  2. 30 points for a super HKM? Noone really tkaes HKM for the reason you state, they miss 1/3 times

  3. Please reread the Royal Court rules again. Only one type of Cryptek speciality per court.