Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Necrons: What are the new kits like?

Lovely. We know that from the pics we've all seen on line.

Today, I picked up 4 Command Barges and a Cryptek from my local store on the way home from work.

I've built 3 Barges to the point where I can build out the Lords and the Teslar Destructors.. these are wonderfully just 'clip in' bits.

I've built my first piece of Finecast. And I must say the piece was well, spot on. No problems at all..

Tomorrow, I'll get my first games in with the new codex, whilst also getting practice in for this weekend's journey down to Brighton for a 2 day, 6 game tournament down at the Brighton Warlords - Necrons? nah. Wolves get the call as always at the tournies..

The Barges took a couple of hours to build, but it took me a while to figure out the kits and how to build them with some efficiency.. got it nailed now and it took very little time at all to build the last 2.. got one more to build, tomorrow night before club night kicks off and I will smash it out... really love the way these kits look in person.

Very glad I grabbed these kits..


  1. I'm glad someone's talking about the models. Makes a nice change from all the lists, deciding what's viable/competitive/jank.

    "these are wonderfully just 'clip in' bits."

    Wait, really? So you can just not glue the guns on and be able to swap the guns for the Overlord? No conversion work required?


  2. Hey Von,
    Whist I'm loving the way the robots play now, the models are just so cool!
    I loved opening these kits and they were a joy to put together...except, when anyone is doing it, I'd attach the gunner/pilot arms straight away rather than at the stage GW suggest...meant to say that up top..

    And yeah, you can clip in the Overlord, Command control piece and the Destructor...so no conversion work required and just switch up whenever...this is perfect stuff!

  3. that Cryptek looks like he is headbanging. seriously.

  4. Everyone's a critic!! I love him. His long ass face and his insectoid spine is just cool..

    but yeah, I see your point bud!

  5. damn well love the rest of the plastics though. i wish i had the spare money to be able to just build a necron army from scratch right now. wouldnt even need any (ok much) converting.

  6. It's enjoyable realising that you only need to spend ~£100 to get the army ready for a new codex..

    With Tau I doubt I'll spend half of that...just on a super-mega sized Battle suit or whatever they get!