Saturday, 15 October 2011

Whilst I was sleeping? New Necrons!! FINALLY!!

Brothers, I am excited!! My Destoyer army may see the tabletop again...but with lots of new friends...then again..I may have to buy a whole new army :(

Left you can see a Necron Overlord...

I like his head design, the high neck and the overall larger, more sturdy looking build...2+ save?

It's just cool... can anyone say band wagon? Is it a bandwagon when you already have the army fully painted but the codex was shit?

These dudes look cool, but question is Storm Shield or Dispersion Shield...whats going to be the best damn mobile protection of the Grim Dark? And of course it raises the question...what the chuff is a Hyperphase sword? Same as the old 'no saves of any kind' warscythe technology...I hope so

More pics after break

Quality new Immortals. They look great, if only the tiniest bit more dynamic than previous sculpts.. Gauss Blasters here...and down the page...

Now, these Triarch bitches...they look cool, I believe they are supposed to be Ushabti style bigger than even the Immortals, in turn bigger than Warriors.. I am so down for that. God I love space robots..

More Immortals, but with what I would say are the traditional 'Gauss Blasters' that we are used to with our Immortals...probably cause it is the same model? Just in Finecast?

Love Overlord left, Overlord right meh..just like my Babysitter Orb Lord...Although it is cool to see the Res ORb survived... but how will it function..

And special characters...can play in Blog Wars with the Necrons now...schweet! Just have to fit into the Atreides List Building Challenge!
 Not so keen on the sculpts, love the name 'Infinite'..please recycle all my dead Necrons!
I love this new and unexpected new unit, looks very cool...ummm...not sure about the need for a sniper scope, but I appreciate the fire support.. it. A little bit Resurrection Ship from Battlestar?

Now this is big pimpin'...I want one. IRL. To ride to school on...the schoolkids on their bikes get in the way and now I can just zap the little fuckers and yell "Use the fucking sidewalk you pricks" ...I am a responsible and very good teacher...honest.

OK. I am officially excited once more about Games Workshop product.
Like Kirby says on it as cool as Dark, it is a new codex than is not SPEESH MARHEENS!!

Now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont turn out like the Nids...I would actually still be playing them post-FAQ if they weren't fucked over.


  1. I like the new models, but those new transports/tanks etc look trash.

  2. Haha, I like them! Big BSG fan and I dig the Res Ship look on the Ghost Ark.. like the concept of a chariot too...

    Each to their own bro!

  3. I agree with Ven, I think they look very slave-ship-esque.

    So you've found your army for Blog Wars then?

  4. Keeps the Xenos theme going for me...I have a full army painted, so I'd just have the new units to buy and paint..I can do that I, with a wider range of units, I can still run the Atreides Challenge!

  5. You two are a match made in heaven, zero taste the pair of you!

    The codex needs to be a good one, but I get this impending sense of "rush the xenos book out, rush it good".

    Prove me wrong GW.

  6. Think these are screeming for some crazy OSL paint schemes and the likes, I really hope people don't pump out metallic silver armies.

  7. Behave mate, silver, wash, dry brush, rust done...

  8. oh look they get thundernators , what the betting necrons is an 'allstars' book that gets the best stuff from every book ? with some necron 'flavour' added in to disguise the fact, knowing Ward the he will one up the GK book (is that even possible ?) and have an even more powerful character with even more appalling fluff/justification ...


  9. Have faith ''ll be ok.

    Or it won't and we'll all be having the Matt Damon/Robin Williams conversation from 'Good Will Hunting' with each other...

    "'s not your fault..."
    "'I Know"
    "no, you don''s not your fault..."
    "I know"
    "Its not your fault.."
    "Don't you fucking do this to me, not you Sean"
    "It's not your fault....IT WAS FUCKING MATT WARD!"
    "Ahhhhh, don't you say his name! C%^T!"'s not too bad, we've seen in the rumours that the Dispersion Shield is only 4++, not a 3++ storm ho hum...

  10. this looks great, not sold on all the models yet, but i will wait to see them in the flesh, or at lesat better pics before i decide. it will be very good to see a xenos army that can actually do well, so i for one hope it is a great dex.