Monday, 17 October 2011

The Darkness Returns.

PhotobucketWell, after a lovely 4 month absense and a bit of being burnt out on 40k. I re realized why I love 40k. Great fluff, great models, and debasing spesh mahreens.

PhotobucketAfter being home for a few weeks I finally made it into a GW. I originally wanted to grab a couple paiints and maybe a book, but I managed to squeeze past the crowds of kids and harassy blue shirted fellas (who followed me) to the tiny row of Dark Eldar on the shelf.

After checking out some of the shiny new finecast boxes I actually bought something. I wanted to see some of the new models and see if I could rekindle my love. Theres nothing like 5 mishapen, surgically enhanced, sadomachicist torture machines to get the love juices flowing!

Wracks sure are lovely.

As I made my way back past the 4-5 tables of spesh mareens fighting other just as boring marines, it dawned on me.
Not only do I want to beat every marine list out there into the blood soaked dust.
 I want my army to look better doing it.
 So I'm starting a long term project to slowly build and paint an competitive, interesting list with a strong base that can be switched around depending on whats needed.

PhotobucketI want a fun, allcomers list that can be taken to our weekly sessions and clubs and tough enough for tourneys. Starting with troops, I'll be taking five 3 man teams of Wracks in double Splinter Cannon Venoms, 12 poison shots with a 48" threat range and 5+ invul, yes please. 3 man units of wracks that can survive a explosion/shots and claim objectives. Check.

That covers most of our anti infantry needs. Rot in splintery death Long Fangs.

Next is the standard anti-tank, 3x Ravagers with DL, FF. At 115 points, the ar11 opentop fragility is made up in 12" move and fire and the 5+ save. Focus fire between them and our next unit will pop all your AV12 Land Raiders, punks.

PhotobucketFor elites, more Lance and 4+ Poison action, three 4x Trueborn in Venoms to get in quick and pick apart transports for minced space meat. And lastly my favorite unit of the bunch. Something to pull apart the FNP, Termi armored, HQ lead packs of mahreen. 6x Incubi accompanied by Archon w/Huskblade, Soultrap, Shadowfield, Phantasm Launcher. Incase 6 I5 S4 powerweapons arent enough an instant death powerweapon should be enough to turn your Inquisitor to dust and fuel the next round of CC attacks at S6.

          The plan for getting this list playable will be slow but worth it. For me and you readers. I will buy it 1 unit at a time and paint the entire unit to the absolute best of my ability and update every week along with my regular posts. Whether I finish a unit or a model. It should keep it fun and affordable. And keep me focused on what got me into playing 40k in the first place. For my first update my lovely Wracks. I wanted them to still match my already painted models Frozen Soul theme while still looking dark and grisly. I think I achieved that now that it seems I got at least some of my painting skill back. Behold my creations!



  1. Sooo...there is no mention of the Haemonculus...but of course you MUST be taking him to get the Wracks as troops, so we'll skip that oversight..

    Troops are too light bro. It'll never hang like that..

    5 x 3man Wracks are not survivable..You need a big group of Hellions or some Warriors or something.

    Wracks are wicked in small number for 1-2 of your Troop choices, you can leave them in reserve and just walk them onto the home objective late in the game...whilst using their empty ride to punish any foot troops..

    BUT, you need some Troops with staying power and that's where some other bits and pieces come in..
    Hellions with FNP and Baron's stealth for example are tough to get rid of with ranged firepower..
    Wyches in decent sizes, once they get stuck intoa decent tarpit combat are great...just massively vulnerable to firepower if they wipe a unit or are otherwise caught in the open.
    Warriors are decent enoug and can be taken in large numbers, but do not add enough to the mix really (for me anyway)...

    I would personally recommend a good mix of units such as a large group of Hellions with Baron and Haemo fun, several wych groups (3/4) and Wracks (1/2)...BUT of course, that is expensive, so what about mixing up the Wracks into some bigger units in Raiders to add to anti tank and survivability, changing up some anti tank in other FOC slots to more anti infantry...

    Just thoughts...bear in mind I've been at work for 12 hours straight... and now cannot think properly ..or type..

  2. nice paint job mate!

    i have to agree with Ven on the troops though. that lot will die in seconds to little more than a stiff breeze!