Thursday, 13 October 2011

Calling all Cambridge wargamers.. Website online

Guys - we are two weeks out til our opening night on the 26th October, 6 pm at the 28th Scout Hut, Flamsteed Road, Cambridge, CB1 3QU..

We have just launched our website for the club...the Sons are coming!!

Check it out and you can currently get all the details of where we are and what we are about, as well as costs etc..

We will be adding a forum for chatting about your favourite games sytems as well as, importantly, arranging games and finding out who's up for playing your systems..

Coming up tomorrow... a guide to creating club all you guys an insight into what the club terrain will look like to start with...all the standard 40k terrain (ruins, buildings) as well as hills, rocks and hyper-dense Infinity and themed Malifaux boards.. of course Warmahordes guys will be well covered through the above as well..

So, if you are a secret stalker from around the Cambridge, Suffolk or North Herts region, let us me at exploder1889AThotmailDOTcom and let me know...

If you game at Inner Sanctum, Cambridge on a Thursday night you will see our advertising posters and can pick up leaflets, from next week we hope to have posters and leaflets in a number of hobby retailers and of course Games Workshop as part of the GCN...

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  1. Totally off topic I know but what are your initial impressions of wordpress? I've been considering jumping ship for a while and thought about starting the DE blog over there as a trial.