Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shameless Self Promotion?

I promise I'll be getting back into 40K stuff promptly. I am far from burned out on the subject, in fact incredibly busy! Right now I am deep in project planning mode, I finally settled on both a codex and a theme, and right now doing an absolute ton of research and logistical planning for it. Atreides is becoming my on hand consultant as I do plan some small scratch builds and conversions, and actually try and push myself.

In fact, I am only just back from 4D Models in Tower Hill, dropping £50 on some plasti-card sheets for scratch built Razorbacks (or heavily converting my current ones), some tubing (got some awesome bits with this!) for some scratch built cannons for my razorbacks, and some mesh wiring for basing ... and some other bits. I was very close to getting resin, I am on the fence with this stuff. I'd love to cast some of the bits I need for the models, but resin is absolutely shocking stuff, and really I don't think I care to mess around with it. 

All in all though, this does mean my "predicted on the table top" time has been pushed back a bit. I originally wanted this army up and running by end of November with three colour minimum, but that is looking like the new year really. I will be constrained for time soon, but I plan on trying to get this done both well, but quickly.

So, that pretty much means THE WING are on the table for the remainder of the year. 

I need to get practice in with them in this case, as I've played about 4 or 5 games since Brighton with the 'wing, and while I had good results, rust sets in very quickly. But anyway,  they'll be rocking down to Tolworth (slightly concerned with the odd missions there though), Brighton (was always taking them to BWL, unfinished business) and more than likely Blog Wars Two - I MIGHT make a Ezekiel for that event though, and drop a unit of bikes - back to back best Special Character? Might have to be done.

The other thing that has seen me being very busy is eBay. With the decision on the new project, it basically meant that the majority of my models were void. I had a few sprues I needed but the majority of stuff was not needed, so I hauled a ton of it up on eBay. I got a really good response and nearly cleared out my house it feels like. It was also a great way to get rid of codexs. I bought them much like you would a book, and once I've had my fill, I can generally remember what I can, rest is on PDF on the phone. I boshed them up, and they all nearly got face value! Not bad for used books. 


SWTOR looks to be the next big hyped MMO, and probably will do exceptionally well, at least for a while. I am pretty damn excited. I only got to play a bit of Star Wars Galaxies due to university, but having played WoW for freaking ages, I am pretty hyped up. Plus my old guild has, of course, reformed.

So here's a bit of shameless self promotion: 

Echo Seven - UK SWTOR Guild 

I don't want to waffle on too much about Echo 7, but E7 will do its usual things. The core of our guild (must be 10 or 15 members) have been playing pro/semi pro/competitively for over a decade now, through Counter Strike, RTCW, CoD all the way up to World of Warcraft. On top of that, we've generally been a hub for the UK and EU community, especially in RTCW and Call of Duty. 

Its a good place to head over and get to know. We are taking the charge of sorting out the main UK server (like we did with world of warcraft) and trying to establish the best of the guilds as a adversary / allies system on our server, generally to get all the competition in the EU in one place.

I am taking the lead on the writing for E7, as the guild intends for me to get back to what I used to do (I was a "proffesional eSports" writer back in the day). On top of that I have a couple of projects in the making for the community to get involved with, the closer to release, the bigger E7 as a hub will get.

Anyone who's looking to play SWTOR pop on over to our forums and get acquainted!


  1. Looks good. Signed up to the forums but looks like your not recruiting :( sucks

  2. I played the stress-test beta last weekend. Sith Warrior mechanics are very similar to WoW warrior mechanics (at lower levels). Smuggler and Bounty Hunter were the most entertaining classes to play.

    Killswitch, check in with Jawaballs as he'll be somehow involved in a Star Wars guild.

  3. Well, not gonna lie, im not into role playing which his guild seems to be. I only play for pvp lol, everything else bores me :( Also I'd rather join a decent UK Guild if possible :)

  4. Yeah we are "done" recruiting atm but we'll prob drop people between the beta and early levels, so final roster is by no means set for things like raiding and pvp. People who are active on those forums and want to apply have a great chance really.

    If your just wanting to PVP and not go raiding, prob can get you invited at some stage on the mates rank. I'll probably be running the pvp team (what with being a former pro wow pvper lol) should be good

  5. Well I was top ranked pvper on 2 previous mmo's and did pretty well on Aion. Whats your TS3 info?

  6. Mate you aint rolled with me yet ... ;P

    I havent got the dets on this (lappy) I'll get em over to you at some stage.