Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Infinity Page

As part of my continued hobby push into Infinity I have added an Infinity page to the blog with a list of incredible resources available.

These include the full rules for the core book and for the Human Sphere expansion, which include all the factions from rules, equipment, skills and of course army lists.

Also on the page is a cracking wiki space link, which has pretty much everything you need to play on it.

I've included as well a catalogue of Sons' posts for playing the game, which I'll update regularly - but I won't include all my army lists etc at this point as I'm still learning the game.

It's been a quiet week as we are all incredibly busy, but I have some Terrain building stuff coming up and some painting/WIP stuff for over the weekend, plus of course the Sons will be at Games Day UK and will break you a load of new pics and hopefully a few surprises....


  1. The Infinity Wiki is just the most awesome Infinity resource ever. Great to see you're getting into so heavily. You should link to the Devil Team Blog for the awesome free army builder:

  2. Ill be spanking my Infinity monkey asap .

  3. I've already spanked my Infinity monkey...

  4. @Frontline, great shout! I'll add that onto the page asap.

    Boys, spank that Infinity monkey! It's a wicked, wicked game.
    I've just committed to another force...I'm such a whore!
    Went to my local store to pick up a Moblot for my Merovingian force, only to pick up a whole new force of Kazak's!!
    I hang my head in Infinity whoredom.. :)

  5. Definitely gonna have to make a run up there when I get settled and pick up some models and get painting on my time off.

    PS- When is game night nowadays?

  6. They only have a few bits in Cambridge, think they only have 1 Hassassin Rajik in store, I'd order online from Maelstrom or Wayland and get them for when you are back bud.

    Games night is a constantly shifting night mate, Thursday is Cambridge store night for Malifaux and or Infinity if we can create a larger group (spoke to a dude last night who plays and knows another who that 5 of us including you...I'm sure it'd be bigger once we play in Cambs) but tends to be earlier in the week for us to play at mine and get in some Infinity.

    If you have specific days that you can or cant do, we'll adjust to accomodate brother.

  7. Im up for whenever. I'll hit you up when I'm in town and get my phone back, will probably be up to go on Thurs. Does Wayland deliver through royal mail or a delivery company, royal mail gets delivered on base but other companies can't come on and its a pain in the ass lol

  8. Her Majesty's Might Mail mate..

    This Thursday coming? sweet, didn't realise you'd be back by then!