Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sons off to Brighton ...

So we've got the Brighton Warlords rocking up this weekend for pretty much everyone here at the blog, we've all got our lists submitted and probably making our last touches to the armies (except Atreides!).

Confirmation came through today that there definitely will be a team tourney element to it for a "fun aside" - but it also, on what seems a rather possitive note, looks like teams won't be paired against each other - certainly not in the first round, as Pete has stated:

"Can you start letting me know teams please

I may do the 1st round draw on Thursday night if I know the teams"

That's good as with 5 of us down, even in a 50 man field, there's always that chance your going to be putting a crimp in a team mates day, it happened to Ven and Atreides game 1 at X-Legion earlier this year. 1st round pairings are literally 1st person to turn up vs the last person and so forth (or at least it was last time). I do wonder if Pete will maybe look at avoiding team mate vs team mate in the next couple of rounds, both KS and Ven playing each other in R3 of Brighton - though with 6 rounds and 50 players split into at least 10 teams, I doubt he can do that round on round.

The Son's of course are representing;

Andy (Venerable) with his hybrid, quite infantry heavy, Space Wolves

Andy (Atreides) with his Stormtrooper Imperial Guard
Steve (Bringer of Death) with his Strike Squad heavy GK's
Alex (KillSwitch) I think will be repping us as well with his GK's
Myself (Bully!) with my Doublewing

So that gives us a double incentive - much like Blog Wars - to do well for ourselves, and our team-mates!  Unfortunatly we won't have T-Shirts or Dice this time round. Again. I swear if we don't get them for the next event I am buying us white T-Shirts and using a perm marker to draw on them!


So I am keeping with the same tried and tested list. Not much point for me swapping it up - but I am interested in the other Deathwing Lists we are seeing at Brighton - 3 others, one of which is the extremely nicely done "Deffwing" by Rupert from 3++ - we had some banter about his army over there about techniques if I remember rightly (sponging et al) so will be looking forward to a good hobby chat with him - especially with my super secret project starting soon (more on this later, and its not what any of you think ... we'll maybe a little...)

So anyway -

First list is Ruperts - 5xTH/SS Squads and 3xAutoLas Predators - so not a million miles away from me. Rather than having fast melta, he has static fire support. I know he took the list to Mayhem but not sure how he did, but its a strong and potent list. With our similarities I hope neither of us draw the same opponents - for their sanity and also our sakes lol.

Second DW present is featuring the two darling captains of the 1st and 2nd Company duking it out to prove who has the better troop choices. A shooty Belial with 3 squads (which look mixed wargear) and Samael bringing his bike and a 6 man unit (though he can't join them), supported by a single typhoon and single predator. Bit of a mix list, depending on what gear those terminators have will be make or break for the list I think - he's sporting flamer/asscan/CML atm, so I have a funny feeling they'll be shooty squads or mixed wargear.

Finally is the other deathwing player from the last Brighton Event, funnily enough like me he has a "Grey Knight but not Grey Knight" themed army, very very nicely done. He's featuring 4xSquads - mostly TH/SS but a bit of mixed wargear thrown in for good measure. Vindicator and a Predator, single squad of bikes, and to make it up to 1750 he's added a raider, for what I assume will be his command squad (probably with the HFlamer) and Belial. He did pretty decently - same points as me last event, and he's hardly changed his list dynamics so I am sure he's going to be a tough player again on the day. He did play Ven round one last event.

So I am liking the representation of Deathwing at this tourney. Some interesting lists - I am going to try and keep tabs on the other guys as well so I can maybe shed some insight afterwards on how they fared. But one things for sure - Deathwing will all be nicely painted, Ruperts (what I've seen) is lovely, the guy from the last tourney has a very pretty red/white scheme (with a bit of GK influence like me), so this new dude can't let the team down!


As for myself, I am looking to keep improving with this army - I've been playing it now since 5 weeks before the last Brighton Event (so like 5 or 6 months?), had a couple of tourneys with it and a ton of games, while I am waiting to see what the Sisters are like and working quietly on this secret project I do want to keep Deathwing as my primary army, and Brighton provides the perfect measuring stick.

Last time round I came in 14th I believe - 32 person field - just about in the top half. Admittedly I lost 7 points for WYSIWYG despite having nades on all the models, and I think 11th was mine if I had that. But all of this aside, I went 2-2-2 for the weekend, and while I was disappointed, it does give me a chance to improve it this time round, and while I'd love to get something like Top 5 - like I aimed for at Blog Wars - Top 8 is my aim.

I've just finally got round to making sure my models are WYSIWYG - I've glued on about 8 sprue's worth of grenades on these bikes, a couple of them look ugly as hell! Really stuff like this does annoy me as it really does ruin the aesthetics of a model, but 7 points is 7 points! This should guarantee me the 40 soft score points, but I just wonder if something else is wrong lol.


So after I get back I'll start again with the Deathwing tactic stuff - I have a decent few drafts ready so they'll be hopefully quite thick and fast - mixed in with what I hope is 6 picture battle reports from the weekend!

I'll get the "Phalanx" deployment post up pretty much straight after the event, followed by a Belial and Ravenwing set of posts - most of which I've drafted up already, just not had the time between work and laziness to finish!

I also want to get some painting done and up here, I've been a bit slack, currently I am painting someones Trygon (or trying to "fix" their botched paint job) and I am thinking about doing a small commissions "service" - just stuff like independent characters and models I never get to paint but really want to, as the temptation to cheat/rush like I do on some of my stuff will be gone.

Anyway, catch you all after Brighton (or over the weekend!)


  1. Venerable Brother13 July 2011 at 11:22

    We need Killswitch to let us know if he will represent in the team comp thing...or if he is with Brighton peeps...

    If not with us the team is Venerable, Atreides, Bully and BOD...not a bad little team.

    Alex - you in bro? Plus, haven't seen your list up yet dude? you keeping it a secret from us all??

  2. Sorry Ive been in America. Was a suprise 21st present going to New York. Had no Internet. Not like you guys emailed me anyways lol.

    Yes Im with you guys if you give me an awsome T shirt ;) rofl.

  3. lol - belated happy birthday dude - not a bad present.

  4. Cheers buddy :) My list and my friends lists are up for you all to see on the Bton forums.

  5. Venerable Brother13 July 2011 at 18:10

    Awesome 21st present mate, hope it was all it could be! Cool, was it great or what?

    On email, I'm currently locked out of mine whilst the security settings are reset...I've been rather maliciously hacked :(

    T-Shirts are, um.... a work in progress... No excuses, just not been on the case..PLEASE play with us Alex, Atreides'll sort you out with a 'special' birthday present!

    On lists, you sending yours over to Pete, Killswitch? It goin to join the ranks of the GK armies representing at the weekend?

  6. Yeah it was awsome thanks, had a reat time. Did pretty much everything you could in a week lol. Pretty tired and still have half my army to paint :(.

    Ill accept the special present if its from you babycakes ;) lol.

    My list is posted under the 40k army list section on the warlord forums :) Oh and yes dont worry im on the team ;P


  7. Venerable Brother13 July 2011 at 19:51

    Ha Ha, know that feeling - I still have to build and paint 5 marines and a plastic Rune Priest...can't be arsed to repair my metal one.. then add more than 3 colours to about 70 marines to get 'detailed' soft score...

    Great then, we have a strong team! The Sons' will sweep everyone before us.........or not lol

  8. Yeah I still need to paint these grenades, paint 1 shield, and finish off some small details on the command squad.

    5 mins is all I need to get max scores, but its niggling at me. If I get ultra bored on friday I might actually re-do the other 19 shields or at least 2 for the sarges.