Saturday, 2 July 2011

Counts-as Purifiers and Dreadknight Complete (pre-primer)

Hi everyone.  Today i am going to let some photos do most of the talking. These are pictures of my (finally) completed Dreadknight and my two squads of 'Purifiers'.  The Dreadknight has been sitting on my workbench for months in a state very near to completion but I got round to completing his base and adding a few last details yesterday. 

The Purifiers have taken the last few weeks to build, but as usual, there was a considerable time before I began building when I just mulled ideas over in my mind.  These guys represent members of the 1st Company of the Desert Lions Chapter.  They are not a psychic chapter like the Grey Knights, so I have had to think carefully about how to represent the various psychic powers.  Hammerhand can easily be rationalised, since these guys have bloody great chain halberds,  If those don't give you +1 S if you hit something I don't know what will.  Purifying flame is represented literally, by flamers.  More on that below.  The force weapons are a bit more difficult to justify, and in the end, I gave up.  It isn't like the ability comes up that often in game anyway.

This is the first squad from the front.  Each squad has a 'knight of the flame' with Hammer, two Halberds and two Psycannons. 

Here is the same squad from behind, showing the flame tanks.  

This close-up of one squad member shows the wrist mounted flamers present on most of the squad.  It also shows the backpack-mounted, auto-tracking storm bolter.  I took care that each storm bolter was mounted so that it was facing the same direction as the marine is looking. 

 A different angle on the same marine.

The second squad from the front.  I have tried to get as much variation as possible across the ten marines by using parts from the Grey Knight, Assault Squad and Tactical Squad boxes.  As a result, all poses are completely different.

The same squad from behind.  I like the Hammer on this squad, it looks really nasty!

Andy my favourite, the assault cannons!  clearly, these count as psycannons, but since the profile of the weapon is identical when equipped with psybolts, i thought I'd  build them like this.  Note the suspensor field generator veins under the gun, and the extra servos in the leg armour. 

Clearly, the flamers on these guys could not be wrist mounted, so I put them where the storm bolters would usually be.  I think it looks pretty good.

On to the Dreadknight now.  This, and the picture at the very top show the different poses i have attempted to make possible.  The torso swivels, and the incinerator can move.  sadly, the other arm proved too much of a challenge, and i eventually decided to just glue it in place.  

From the side, showing the chain-fist.

A shot from behind showing the rivets and other details that have been added. 

Well, that's it from me for today.  I hope you all like what I've done so far.  Comments and criticisms are welcome as always.  I'll leave with a piece of artwork that forms the inspiration for the next part of the army.

Anti Grav Rhino!!!!


  1. These are amazing conversions! Mounting the stormbolters so they follow the marines' vision is a great touch, as is the extra leg servos on the "Psycannon" carriers!

  2. Venerable Brother2 July 2011 at 17:28

    Incredible. You may be slow as hell, but damn it is soo worth it!
    The Assault/Psycannons are ace, love the tracking storm bolters too..
    The dreadknight looks ace too, great to see it finally finished...

    Look forward to playing this army when it is complete...when we are old men and over the hill... lol.

  3. Some very impressive work, can tell lots of time and imagination has gone into it, look forward to seeing them painted.

  4. As always Andy I love your conversions - I just hope you'll let me paint one or two of the guys this time round.

    I am really interested to see how you deal with the hover situation on the rhino. Knowing you it will be spot on.

    I guess my sisters and GK's have to step up the painting for fear of being left behind on the table top!

  5. thanks guys, i am glad my effort has not been wasted :)

    and Ven, i am actually going to attempt to complete the army for the Nova tourney. even if i dont succeed, its a good deadline to keep me working on it. it's almost 8 months after all.

  6. Andy I hate you lol! Mate those are absolutely awesome can't wait to see the whole army together when it's finally done! Truly stunning...

  7. Venerable Brother4 July 2011 at 10:21

    @Atreides...ready for Feb? to see it, you'd think 8 months is plenty of time wouldn't you!
    All set for Brighton?

  8. Those look fantastic, so much work has been put into all of those its just amazing.

    Great work.

  9. I like those wrist mounted flamers. As you asked on ftw, I think you picked a solid theme with the marine models and captured that feel through the unit. Good feel.

  10. Where are the magazines from the Psy-gatlings from? Also, which size of plasticard tube do you use?
    I've been planning a counts-as GK army myself for a while, and it pains me that I didn't even think of adding in flamers to account for the power. Sucha a brilliantly simple idea.

    1. just in case you ever see this reply, the mags are from IG grenade launchers, and the tubes are 2mm if i remember rightly :)