Monday, 6 June 2011

The Sons are victorious at Blog Wars!!

Please note, I said the Sons, plural...that's all of us man.

We chuffin' rule.

Blog Wars was this past Sunday and a 1750, 3 game tournament drawing together 26 UK Bloggers and very close associates (BroLo even dragged his poor girl down to watch him...and carry his bags, what a douche! lol) to game it out at the Maelstrom in Mansfield.

Single stipulation was a 'unique' special character must lead the force. A cool twist that could have gone wrong, but certainly speaking from the Sons' points-of-view, it forced us to create competitive lists with a difference.

.. anyhoooo...

The Results: 

1st place: Me of course bitches! Venerable Brother. Dark Eldar. 2 wins and a Draw. 5065 VP's...yup from a max of 5250 from 3 games...I was 185 Vp's of 3 tablings... I'm a deadly bastard.

2nd place: ATREIDES! Man of legend, kin of kings and conquerors! Straken IG 2 wins and a draw. 4383VP's

3rd place: Ken (Firewasp?) from Ignatum, Tau. 2 wins and a draw. 4228

4th place: Bully. Bullier of the big dogs. Braver than Bravestar. Deathwing. 2 wins and a Draw. 3639 vps.

5th Place: Bringer of Death (friend of the Sons'). Harrier. Terrier. Terrapin? Grey Knights. 2 wins and a draw. 3326VP's.

Full table of results can be found on the From the Fang blogsite.

A special bit of praise should go to Bully, who won the Best Painted Special Character Award for his very cool Belial model that has been the subject of about, oh, 27 blog posts here... well done brother, well deserved indeed.

Whitewash and Future? 
So as you can see the Sons' took 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and Best Painted Character. See what I'm saying. we chuffin'  rule.

But I'm the King of the Castle, you lot are the naughty rascals... lol sorry. Childish. Fuckers.

I cannot quite describe the immense pride and happiness at the success the Sons' have achieved at Blog Wars. WE (team effort) did ourselves proud and showed a strong presence.

We go from here to the single biggest event that the Sons' have attended - Brighton Warlords 1750 on the 16/17th July.
Loyal readers know that we have been there before, Atreides and I popping our tournament virginity at the Doubles there 9 months ago, where we placed 3rd.
We returned to Brighton for 1750 where I fought it out for victory on the top table at the end vs Courtney Rhodes and an excellently played Black Templars force (which, ultimately, almost destroyed me), whilst, Bully, Killswitch and Bringer of Death also placed well, Killswitch ahead of me in the end as I lost my final game when I made my big push for all out victory!

but this time there are 55 dudes going.


Wicked. I know in the States that is small fry stuff, and that in the UK, events like the Throne of Skulls and the indy UKGT still attract more, many more...but this is the big time for us...

The BroLo Agenda:
I desperately wanted to spank BroLo for running his mouth over at 3++, unfortunately the coward hid from me all day and crept into some corner near the bottom tables to avoid me...

Seriously, great to finally meet BroLo in person, as one of the first ever 'commentators' when I started up and a supporter throughout (despite throwing in his lot with some piss-ant, tiny, CONVICT blog). BroLo was a thoroughly top boy and a pleasure to meet. Hope to see you again soon BroLo, I love you.

And next time, claw your ass up to the top tables to play me...

We will all be covering the games in posts spanning the next millenia, but should be good reading, good revision (from my technical master classes that I put on obv.)

Atreides got some amazing photos of the armies and his games, I a few blurry ones of my own games, Bully got loads of his games and all of these will go up on the blog stay tuned as I have enough content to dine off of for the next 2 weeks muwhwhahahaha!

Final thought:

Two fold. 1 - massive thanks to Alex for running a first class tournament..more players, less time for games and same venue...even keep the SC rule...I kinda liked it...

 and finally 2:

I am the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow.


  1. Die. DIE. DIE.

    Fucking 4+.

    Anyway - was awesome day, got my first report written up as that was the one I struggled to remember - got that for my normal post on Wednesday.

    Thursday will be pictures of Belial.
    Friday is pictures of Belial on Holiday.

    He's won a ribbon now! I jokingly said that to my brother, and did give me a great idea for the must use wound markers (thanks Marc from Grey Knights of Titan ...) - purity seals (rather than skulls)!

    Anyway - looking forward to everyone's BR's - would love to see what happened early in the games. Hopefully becomes a bit of a running theme for us as well.

    Congrats to you ven, well deserved 1st (not bitter) and Atreides on 2nd. Steve with absolutely storming ahead of his personal goals as well "I want to not lose all 3 ..." - comes 5th. Awesome.

  2. you are a cock.

    still, i deserved to lose the final game due to overconfidence (bordering on arrogance) and congratulate you on a well deserved win :)

  3. and when i say lose, i mean draw :P

  4. Top effort boys!!! Glad to see you did us proud! ;) Haha Ven pleased much? Although u owe me for making you take the DE :p nah well done to all you guys and I look forward to reading the reps that I'm sure wil be posted up.

  5. Bully I am so surprised that I did not lose a game I got bloody 5th.
    And I will not be putting anybody through my games as I could barley remember who I played let alone give you a in depth run down of each turn. Maybe at the warlords I will record my games as I will be winning that one : )

    Side note it was great to meet everyone from the blogs and looking forward to the next one

  6. Haha lol I just saw what Ven has put as the caption below the blog tile as well!

  7. Congratulations on first place.
    Having looked at the scores though I'm gutted about not playing my first two games out to their inevitable conclusion and netted the full victory points, would have netted second then, ah well. More then happy with third.


  8. dont worry Firewasp, i didnt play them out either, and had the same thought!

  9. Venerable Brother....King of Kings6 June 2011 at 19:56

    @Atreides and Firewasp. Boys, I can only thank you for drawing. Ken, well played sir on keeping the Fire Warriors alive! Andy...shame on you for the same thing!

    From what I saw in glimpses, it looked a great game...and as for VP's...well, I tend to not hold back and go for the throat...the Dark Eldar crumble if anyone is left alive to shoot back!

    @Bully - bro, I know I've already said it in person, but that was one of the toughest games of 40k I've ever had and one of the most enjoyable for that reason. I look forward to another top table rematch at BWL.., "what is best in life Conan?!"...cheers mate, we all did really well and with another month of practice before BWL...who can say what'll happen. You need to get on board for that Wunderkind...

    @Bringer- mate, the difference a good army makes hey?!! lol. jokes, you played like a king bro. You deserved that placing after the weeks of hammerings with Knights.. bet you are glad the MechDar got shelved..

  10. I figured there was a nice humble post on it's way....

    I think my subtle hints about no DE list worked a treat. It's exactly what I wanted to happen. Glad guard didn't win and tau were top three.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure they were all three colour minimum though. You just painted them pink in the hopes I wouldn't look at them long enough to notice!

    Seriously though, great to have you guys there. I still think Matt's Draigo (painted by Scott) should've won. Big plans for the next one and there WILL be a next one!

  11. @Atreides, Got to hand it to you, that last game was awesome. I was lucky to get a draw out of it, well played just got a little unlucky towards the end and deserved second. Congratulations.

  12. Venerable Brother - King of Kings6 June 2011 at 20:45

    @FtF...the Venoms that I built only have 2 colours...but others have more to make up for it! lol.
    We were glad to be there too man, will be ready and waiting for the shout for the next one bro!

    Really, thanks for organising it, worked wonderfully well..would have been great to have more of a NOVA style mission setup to avoid the 6(?) dudes on 2:1:0...its tough with only 3 games, but by having Table Quarters, KP's (by more than 3), 5 Objectives and VP's as a final decider would really, really help to make sure that no one actually had the same battle points..

    Rotate the missions round.

    First would be Objectives (5 - one each quarter, one middle) as Primary, KP's (by more than 3 as secondary), Table Quarters as Tertiary.

    Second KP's, TQ's and then Objectives

    Third, TQ's, Obj, KPs

    30 points for winning primary, 10 for winning secondary, 5 for winning tertiary.

    That way you create a Win/Loss system that means no draws...

    Close games mean that you might win a the Primary mission for the big points, but the 'loser' can still grab half points for winning secondary or tertiary..

    VP's would then become a'd more than likely not have to use them as in the case of this weekend, some wins were more convincing than others in the 2:1:0 bracket and almost certainly no one would be on the same points..

    Thoughts anyone?

  13. Yeah - Andy (Atreides) and I wanted to start getting some Nova games in our practice to just make us think a bit more about games as your looking at them on so many levels (protecting units, territory and gaining ground) not to mention it eliminates the bore draw mission.

  14. How... modest of you.

    Great to meet you guys. Great game against Andy (the better Andy of course).

    Hopefully see you in Brighton soon... as you're clearly never going to organise a Sons tournament for me to win.

  15. Yeah was really good to meet you BroLo - to put a face to the name and all that.

    I hope we do a SoS tourney - even if its just something at WHW for a day.

  16. Nice to see it hasn't gone to your head there Ven.

    Seriously though, well done to the lot of you, quite the appearance for your blog. Was good to meet you lot. I'll be getting my reports up in the following days, including the scrap-heap challenge from BlogWars-1.

  17. Venerable Brother - King of Kings7 June 2011 at 07:34

    @BroLo... Brighton is the hope...end of summer was it you could maybe,possibly do?

    Sons' tournament has been rekindled in my heart after seeing the Maelstrom...easy to get to (even if it was two 1/2 hours) and most importantly, don't have to organise that much of our own terrain!! Cheap too...

    "NOVA Sons" December?

    @Bully - have you tried playing NOVA missions yet?

  18. Venerable Brother - King of Kings7 June 2011 at 07:36

    @Andy -bG, of course it hasn't lol!! Was good to meet you dude and I look forward to reading up on the games, plus hope for a game in the future! Get me some wolf pelts to hang from the Venoms..

  19. Not if I can help it, the wolves'll be picking bits of eldar out of their teeth with the spiky bits on their armour :D

  20. Venerable Brother - King of Kings7 June 2011 at 08:44

    Haha! Touche sir! Look forward to it!

  21. Yeah Andy and I played one - I think our next couple of games (so in the next 2 weeks probably) will be nova gain.

    When we played the other day he won on primary - but we actually forgot to look at secondary / tertiary for my points (this was when he used GK and I used his guard hehe).

    We also did the 5x5 KP as the 3rd mission - I.E nominate 5 KP's - only 2 can be dedicated transports. Thats really good as well.

  22. Bully, i won on all counts, so don't worry ;)

  23. I blame your army. Guard sucks! lol.

  24. But as a system it really worked? Good fun and a challenge on a new level thinking of all the Prim,Sec,Tert objectives?

  25. that is beyond doubt. I'd have to play a few more, and with armies both of us are familiar with, but it seemed excellent to me.

  26. I dislike the 5KP system, plain old stupid. Also winning by 3-5 killpoints is stupid aswell.Doesnt justify close faught games i.e. the game ends 12-11 and its a draw? Fuck that.

  27. its not stupid in the slightest. your opponent picks units that he thinks are either easy to destroy, or that he wants you to have to protect, which forces interesting tactical decisions. for example, if he were to pick your unit of Incubi, you may think twice about committing it to assaulting a large guard blob because even though you may do a lot of damage, you will probably lose it eventually. you then have to decide whether the damage is worth tying up that blobs' shooting for a turn or so.

    it works particularly well when combined with the other missions, because you have to protect these units while capturing quarters and objectives at the same time.

  28. nah its stupid. You pick all the easy kp like rhinos n shit, now i cnt even commit that unit for fear of losing it. Then theres the " landspeeder? ok thats in reserve and hiding while the rest of my arny will butt rape you without worry". its plain silly and not tactical at all. Stelek made that system, says it all. I for one would just keep normal killpoints. Mvb tried and and went back to normal killpoints. The Kp margin is fine if its like 1 or 2, not 3 to 5. some arnies only have 5 killpoints.

  29. Pretty sure there are limits on the number of transports that can be selected.. plus there are tactical elements even to the selection of what will qualify as a KP.
    Regarding 'KP's win by 3' - the margin system, that does justify closely fought games as that would only be the primary mission objcetive. The whole point of this system is to create a W/L system, where although you may lose, you can claw points out of the system by winning on secondary and tertiary objectives.

    There is no draw. I like that.
    There is a clear and distinct system for margins of victory. a wholesale slaughter i.e. a tabling would see a mass of battle points going the victors way, whilst a closely fought game would see BP's going to the loser too as he claims the secondary or tertiary objectives.

    Even then, if you have no KP margin, no clear winner on objectives, no clear winner in table quarters because all are contested...then you have VP's to decide the victor..

    in addition, in a low-game number tournament such as Blog Wars...or any one day tournament where 4 is the max number of 1750+ games achievable..there is a clear seperation of winners...those going 3-0 or 2-1-0 whatever, still creates a distinct top 8 to qualify for the next day or if there is no 'next day', it means that no one player will be on the same battle points...

  30. I know how it works mate, i just dislike the killpoint margins or selecting ur own killpoint. use normal killpoints. what if i select something in a wolf army which isnt a lonewolf, i now can have more killpoints bcus his alive. Things like that is silly so just keep normal killpoints. apart from that, its a nice syatem.

  31. That instance is certainly a flaw mate.
    Normal KP's...fair enough by me..

    How was the Warp Storm3 or whatever it was? Or is that this week?

  32. Normal kill points is dumb. KP margin or the 5/5 is far better. My game against Chris (IG) demonstrated exactly why.

    He had 1300 VPs, I had 600. He had 4KPs, I had 10. In all reality, he HAD to table me to win the game. He could have played it better, but standard KPs just fail like that.

    I'm going to go out there and say I like good old VPs. Percentage differences give the overall result. When couple with secondary and tertiary objectives it works well and allows you to give a broad region for the primary objective draw (10%).

  33. Killswitch... you don't get the 5x5 system clearly. Same goes for Mike's KP margin variant. There is not a single objective, there are tiered objectives. The system is all about NOT getting a draw. If the KPs are so close, you go to the next objective... table quarters, objectives etc... that's the point.

  34. Venerable Brother9 June 2011 at 07:22

    @BroLo - nought wrong with VP's man, as you say combined with sec/tert objectives ... think it is a strong system i'd like to try... rewards close games whilst avoiding draws in game and overall with varying BP's across the whole range of players...played one the other day, worked really well, encouraged a little more thought - game on I say.

  35. Congrats guys, just getting settled and internet up in our hut. Still pissed I couldn't go but have a blast out here. Glad to see I didn't have to carry you all through the tourny HAHA. Hope alls good, can't wait to get back in a few months a tear up some tourneys with the Sons!