Sunday, 10 April 2011

Who are the Blood Hunters? Explanation and MP Division

As I have mentioned, I am in the process of creating a multi-codex Space Marine army.

I am doing this by taking by Blood Angels army, troops and vehicles and then adjusting the core models to suit other codices, for example changing all hand to hand weapons (principally chainswords) over to power weapons and adding a few spare Grey Knight heads to them so they can be used in a GK army.

But this is not the full extent, the Blood Hunters (as my chapter is known) also have various ‘detachments’ that are called upon in certain circumstances as the theatre of war dictates…

So they have a detachment of extremely zealous, stubborn types who form their line breaking arm…these chaps are known as Black Templars.

They have a militant psyker arm for dealing with the most diverse and hideous warp spawned shit…these devout bothers are known as Grey Knights..

To do this, I take the core army of marines and metal bawkses and add a few models for flavour to change it up.

For my grey knights I run it simple, dreads, marines, libbie. then add flavour through terminators and Inquisition.

SO to create the Grey Knights arm of the Blood Hunters I bought a few bits of terminator from and a single box of GKT’s from Wayland Games (click through the link at the top of the page, they are very good), converted my Ordo Malleus Inquisitor from Lugft Huron and a Terminator Librarian from the Red Scorpions Captain model.. Voila…Grey Knights

Cheap and flexible.

For templars, I dug out a land raider crusader, all my assault termis and shootie termies from my old Deathwing army, a few scouts as neophytes, some lascannon marines I had lying around and bought an amazing counts-as Emrah’s Chimp from…. add the core of boys and bawkses and I’m done…

Next mission…to repaint the detachments so they fit into the blood hunters theme of ‘blanche marines’…

Then to add the Vanilla marine codex which requires some more TH/SS termies, Vulcan model (but I’m thinking ahead and have saved Huron’s flamer to add to the Emprah’s Chimp model who will be Vulkan too…WYSIWYG and everything) and 3 more drop pods… and that’d be done…4 armies in one…technically 5 as my Blood Angels/Hunters core troops all can have jump packs on them as a DOA army… as the theatre sees fit of course! 

Today, I will playtest the Blood Hunters militant psyker arm… Which consists of:
1750 Blood Hunters MP Division:

Librarian – Warp Rift and Shrouding (both of which I consider mandatory) and quickening.
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Ravenor – TDA, Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, 3 x Servo Skulls

3 x 10 Grey Knight Strike Squads, w. 2 x PSycannon, one with a MCNDH on its Justicar
3 x Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters, Psybolt ammo
6 x Grey Knight Terminators, Psycannon, all Halberds.

3 x Psyfleman Dreads.

Standard, simple stuff. Loads of scoring marines, lots of dakka, good cover and scout blocking, plenty of psychic defense through enhanced aegis and libbie, big ass CC unit from the 6 GKT + Libbie + Inq. Ravenor..

I’ll let you all know how it gets on…thoughts on the count-as army or list above?



  1. Thoughts.... I think you're a WAAC jerk just like the rest of the blogosphere. In other words... I like it! ;)

  2. Damn lost my last reply ...

    On the blood hunters I like it, I do personally think in general its much easier/better to just keep yourself in a single scheme - especially if you have problems finishing projects, throw in the fact that you'd end up with 15+ different coloured rhino's, and lots of very similarly equipped models. Just makes sense really.

    I am debating this myself - I certainly am doing my GK's in a very similar scheme to my DW - with a slight modification, but I am debating whether to do my "regular" marines like this. I'll be doing a post on this in the future though (not anything to do with count-as though, steering clear of that iceberg).

    As for the list,

    First off 2 things strike me - your HQ which I love. The list I am planning right now only has the libby but I am trying to work out how to fit a inquisitor in there - the stubborn is incredibly valuable, especially given everything except purifiers is not fearless (I do have 5xpurifiers in my list though). Libby and GKM imo fight for spots in alot of lists, Libby offers great utility in all aspects of the game, GKM offers great flexibility and can make a unit incredible on assault.

    I like the powers (I am rolling with 5).

    Template jaws is just too good imo, as is shrouding, being able to get those terminators 3++ on the drop (with half decent scatter), and and so on an so forth. Quickening I love, it just gives these guys the edge over super characters and eldar lists. I've thrown in might and sanctuary as well - trying to take advantage of level 2 - no matter what/where I should always be able to use 2 powers a turn (I also just about had the points for it).

    Looking forward to the WIP - I am just taking pictures of my test rhino for my GKSS (I have to many rhino's when I can test scheme's on two of them right now :/)

  3. Cheers boys, got a couple of games in...thouhts in new post.