Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stargazer's Painting/Malifaux Corner

Well... Nicodem... :/

My 25ss crew consisted of:
Mortimer 7ss
Rotten Belle 4ss
2x Vultures 4ss
2x Necropunks 6ss
7ss cache

I can definitively say I got my arse handed to me on Tuesday! Let me explain, it was a 4 player game (1st sign of a really bad idea) vs Pandora (2nd sign) Collette and Ramos. Ok not great so far but still really?!

Strategies flipped: Nicodem, Claim Jump. (not the end of the world but I can think of better...) Pandora, Slaughter. (Probably the best strategy for her crew so we really are in trouble) Collette, Turf War. (Again pretty good for her with the whole speedyness) Ramos, Plant Evidence. (meh.)

So what did I do? It still doesn't seem that bad... I'm not sure really I think it was a combination of unfortunate events (combined with me being unable to flip cards in the second half of the game). So I started off well enough, lost a Vulture early on but not a big deal cos Nico just summoned a Punk Zombie off the counter that the Vulture left so actually potentially better. Managed to get the jump on Collette and take 4 wds off Cassandra along with paralysing the Corphyree, so it's going well then..? (BIG mistake complacency creeping in...) then everything seemed to fall apart. I think my main issue was I got Nicodem too far ahead. I got greedy on getting the paralyse off on the Corphyree mainly cos they scare the shit out of me!! This meant Nico was too far forwards allowing him to get hit far to easily and he's definitely more squishy than Seamus!

Ok but really it seems like Collette was on the ropes how did she hurt you? Well that's where we come back to the 4 player game. While all of this was going on, Pandora had made most of Ramos' crew run away so both Ramos and Pandora decided it would be a good idea to go for squishier crews which were easier to kill. So one of Ramos' large steampunk arachnids hit and finished off Nico :( with a meagre defense of 3 the big fella didn't stand a chance. Combined with Lilitu luring and consequently killing my Necropunk that was guarding Nico.

The rest off the game was really delaying the inevitable with me both being unable to flip a card above an 8 and my master being dead. By turn 5 there was nothing left.

So what have I learnt? Ressurectionists really lack hitting power which is hard to find in their list. There are a few things but all of them are rather expensive. However I can get around this with bolster undead and punk zombies so is that the way forward? It's a good solution although it requires Nico to be within 10" which might be tricky at times.. I also think I was almost too good at keeping the Necropunks alive where I really wanted them to die to leave corpse counters allowing me to summon more expensive undead goodies. Mortimer could have been used better as well although a lack of Crows in my hand made it really hard for me to exhume corpse counters. Sometimes you just have to say fair enough shit didn't go my way but we live and learn.

Ok so overall maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time, especially considering it was my first game with him but I think in future 1v1 games he will be far better. I also think I need to drop the Rotten Belle as that was 4ss that I didn't use and maybe drop a vulture cos I only really need 1. So add in a Necropunk and maybe a Punk Zombie. The only problem is a hard hitter. Bete Noir? Killjoy? Rogue Necromancy? Dead Rider? Thoughts?

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