Sunday, 6 March 2011

SoS does Ghana? WTF?

'Sup guys.
You read the title right.
Your intrepid hero Venerable is off on an adventure to conquer lands for the Emperor! The 213th Expedition....fuck that. Whatever.

I'm leading a group of school kids on a cultural exchange trip to rural Ghana (in Africa for those that only are aware of the location of Holy Terra, the Eye of Terror and Craftworld Yme-Loc or other such geek themed nonsense...get out more)  and as result several things may happen:

1) I 'll never return having been killed by some God awful tropical disease. In which case, I love you all. Fuckers.

2) More likely, posting will go to shit whilst I am away....Killswitch and Atreides I'm looking at you!! So bear with SoS....we'll be back to full strength in a mere few days!

3) SoS will be taken over by random ramblings from fuckers that have no place on my blog! Bully for example...

You'll be seeing a great article from Bully (a regular commenty-type and mate of Atreides) on how he is building out his Deathwing for the Brighton Warlords tournament in April...1st weekend of Aprl... Good luck dude!!

This is inspiring stuff.. I may try and trump him though by building and painting a Grey Knights army for that same weekend lol!!!! mwahahaha.. ahem. Yes. Not really ....looks shiftily sideways...

When I get back...if.....we will have a load of posts around the UK40KGT which is coming up very shortly ....and I will have to submit an army choice from Ghana!!! Obviously technology permitting...if you think I'm prepared enough to do it in advance of the deadline....well, you're kidding right?!

Plus, my homemade Venom's...

Plus...well some shit from other authors I hope lol...


  1. yeah... posts... erm...

    anyway, have a great time. i will be posting something this tuesday as scheduled so dont worry :)

  2. Have a great time bud. U will definitely enjoy it!! On the post front I better get thinking.... lol

  3. My cousin is out there at the moment and she manages to find technology enough to get on Facebook so Im sure you'll be fine! Have a great time.

  4. Good luck sir.

  5. Enjoy the trip, sounds cool