Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sonnia Criid Witch Hunter

Well here we are lazy sunday... all relaxed and ready for the new week (or not as the case may be ;)) I've only got a small something for you today but I think you might like it as I continue on my quest to make everyone play malifaux mwahaha... oh sorry got a little evil villainy there, my bad.

The main reasons I wanted to post this was a) this was the final piece of a commission I have been doing for Ven and thought what better way of showing him it than on his own blog... and b) over the last week I've had a bit of painters block. I tend to only paint when I'm in the mood (very frustrating) and I was so thrilled to have gotten over this last night I felt I had to show the world!

So a bit of background on this lovely lady, she is the chief witch hunter of the guild (the police/ruling faction of Malifaux) she has a pretty unenviable job really as pretty much everyone in Malifaux has magical abilities making them all witches. Her methods are a little hypocritical as to combat the

"witches" she herself uses lots of magic to do so. Think what you wish people.

This is more of a showcase instead of a how to so I won't be spilling all my secrets :p although if you are dying to know or simply inquisitive as to how I have done something then let me know in the comments or drop me an email.

Speaking of spilling secrets, in the upcoming weeks to give you all a break from Malifaux I thought I'd do a series of how to's where I would demonstrate how I personally would go about achieving a certain effect. I am open to any requests no matter how weird and wonderful (yes I will even do gold :/) so feel free to put your requests in the comments of any of my posts from now on or drop me an email at Y'all have yourselves a good evening and I'll catch you on Thursday.


  1. awesome job. very muted, but still detailed, just as Ven seems to like.

    when i get my first models in a few weeks i'll certainly be asking for tips on painting certain bright colours onto cloth.

  2. Cheers guys I was quite pleased as well if anything just to break the block I'd been having lol.

    No worries Andy more than happy to give help if u want just drop me an email or something and I'd be more than happy to either explain in private or maybe even do a blog article on it ;)

  3. been thinking. the most valuable guide you could do for me right now, would be how to paint different colour hair. blonde and red/ginger in particular. i can do black and brow no probs, but those two are hard!

  4. ok will see what I can do although I already have something planned for this week so I might do it for next week

  5. thats fine, its not urgent, just been annoying me for a while :)

  6. Nice job on the paint, but i really prefer the sword going the way it was intended on the original sculpt. It goes from her right shoulder to her left hip. That makes the chain hang naturally, rather than looking like it's whipping around while Sonnia stands still. It would appear Ms. Criid shoots with her off hand in relation to the Runed Blade.

  7. Thanks for the compliment fella, I can understand where you are coming from on the sword although I didn't put this model together or even realise that it could be changed lol I'll take your word on it looking better that way though... if I ever do one for myself I'll bear that in mind ;)