Tuesday, 11 January 2011

SoS Gaming Club and Tournaments

'Sup beetchez.

Check out the new page 'Sos Wargaming and Tournaments' - we're launching our Thursday Night Gaming Club and releasing news of our plans for 4 tournaments to be hosted this year.
We have a large venue lined up with capacity for at least 30-35 tables and just need to finish (well start really...5 done...25 to go!) tables/terrain and begin the slow but sure advertising process...

Holla if you are up for a tournament...BlogCon UK or some other, more marketable, name!! lol...

Site is undergoing a bit of a revamp... the Army list links will be back up in a more localised fashion at the weekend...Saturday to be precise...

Obviously the new page is WIP as is the whole concept...but like Wayne's World....build it and they will come man...


  1. awesome news mate. i wish i was on hand to give you some help with tables etc. are you keeping the site name the same or is that changing as well?

    i will be back for as many of these tournaments as humanly possible of course :)

  2. If you have terrain etc then maybe we could get you to bring it up with you when attending tournaments? That'd reduce 'start up' costs/initial investment...

    I think the name will stay for now, but am open to suggestions...it's just getting a bit of brand identity behind it as we plough on with the things we are doing..

    With regard to tournaments...what is your gaming community like in London? Got a car full of dudes that'd play? 2 cars full? Bully? Costs would therefore be miniscule... Ticket plus a bit of petrol and lunch...bugger all. £25-28 tops for a damned respectable size tournament full of competitive jerk-offs like myself... and you.

    Spread the word bro, SoS is branching out...giving back and creating a greater community in 2011!!

  3. i have a LOT of jungle trees, all based on individual 60mm bases for ease of use. you can create any size patch of woodland you need. aside from that not a lot thats finished, sadly. i had to throw a lot of really cool ruins away when we moved a few years ago :(

    dont worry about the name, i am more than happy with it. was just wondering.

    there are a fair few tournament-goers up here. i'll ask them whether they would be up for it next week.

  4. Looking forward to this. I can help with advertisement and know a fair few pwople that would be interested :) What pt size and style of play would you be looking at, something similar to Nova format would be good and Niche for the UK


  5. I am definatly game for it.

    @andy I keep on threatening to setup a board my spare room anyway just to avoid time limits and the likes, but really want a proper club going on tbh somewhere.

  6. I'm in.

    Let me know if I can help...

  7. Thanks for the support guys.
    @ Alex - NOVA format would be the aim, looking into it for the next couple of weeks, then launching with advertising through all of February..though for 32 tickets, I think we could sell out pretty quick.

    @ Bully - great stuff, hoped you would be, get more London lads interested too!!

    @BroLo...my sweet BroLo...how long has it been since we've heard your dulcit tones on the blog...;) great to here you're up for it...will probably take you up on the help...not sure what format that'll take though... :)

  8. Well I can commandeer some more blog space (don't tell Kirby though) or help out with other random stuff should it be required... I'm owed some annual leave. I'm very keen to get some proper Nova-style tournaments going in the UK. Maybe they'll actually stimulate me to paint some stuff.

  9. I'm in the UK and I too have some annual leave left to burn up, so if the times right I might come on down.

  10. Fantastic BroLo..we'll always steal 'Pinkspace' ...I've found tounaments are excellent for forcing painting to be done lol!

    @MC TicTac...sweet dude,first one is looking to be end of March...roughly...time sound right? Then once per quarter...