Thursday, 9 December 2010

Final Doubles Tournie Game: Chaos Rising

Reeling from our first defeat (view the previous tournament games here), we crash down to table 3 for our final game. In terms of placing we are thinking 2nd or 3rd now.

The guys on table 2 though we haven’t played at all. This is an unknown quantity for us. How have both those partners got there? Why the chuff are they above us?

One is a BA/Foot IG combo and the other is a horde ork army with Ghazzie in ONE wagon.

Fuck, if we had the opportunity to play either of them…! Happy days.

What and who are we playing on Table 3 though? Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines… Nightlords.

Beautiful Nightlords – the guys went on to win Best Painted and deservedly so, although both Atreides and I voted for the other guy (Dark Eldar)! Sorry guys!

Mission was Seize Ground with Dawn of War deployment

Their list was:

Demon Prince, wings, iron hide, warptime    
Demon Prince, wings, iron hide, warptime    
Greater Demon          
Khorne Berzerkers x10 inc Champ w.Rhino
CSM x10, MM, Flamer, Melta  w.Rhino
CSM x10, Melta, Combi Melta
Raptors 2x Meltagun, Meltabombs    
Dreadnought - MM
The guys won the roll to go first and deployed like this:

We were going second and despite Night Fighting being in effect, we kept everything off the table so that we could see where the guys deployed everything… 

Turn 1 looked something like this: 

They moved in this ‘V’ formation, using the extensive mid field cover and looking to claim 2 objectives in the middle with troops.

We moved on in a split firebase, hoping to pressure from both sides. 

Our forces were split exactly even like so: 

The Chaos army moved up on the right hand side whilst attempting to suppress our LHS push…our LHS contained a good deal of mobile melta troops as well as multiple Autocannons from a Hydra and RuneCannon priest…

The RHS of our flank took serious damage to our transports and therefore mobility, but then we had an utterly inspired turn of shooting in Turn 3 and the RHS Chaos advance was blunted completely. 

The Wolf Scouts popped up in RHS flank behind the dread ‘n’ shed, moving in and wrecking the Berzerkers rhino, the princes were killed by Autocannon, Melta and Multilaser fire, the Havocs removed with Missile fire…or maybe in the reverse order, weapon wise, but ultimately the RHS Chaos attack died…

Funny note~: It was really dark in the middle of the room, the lights having either gone out above our table or bulb blown or something…as a result we could only see the Night Lords in ‘midnight clad’ (read the Demski-Brown Night Lords book…its genuinely awesome, rare for Black Library I know…) and did not realise that what the Wolf Scouts had blown up was ‘Zerkers, so when the Scouts decided to charge them to tie up some marines….shit did they die quickly! Whoops! It was after this that we saw the Khorne icon on their shoulder pads…d’oh!

The Greater Demon came in, but frankly was too late to do anything and hid in the cover of the central building, unfortunately he was still visible and we lost nothing from shooting at him (4++ invuln. Anyway) in cover…so he was promptly removed.

Meanwhile on the LHS, our firepower had removed the BattleCannon from both Defilers and immobilised them too. They functionally had no purpose so our Chimeras pushed up to claim the central objectives.

We finished the game off by exchanging fire with Long Fangs Missiles vs 4 Boltguns in the central ruins…surprisingly the Long Fangs won that fire fight.

The LHS flank push took on the one rhino and 8 dudes inside and…yup killed them.

We finished the tournament with tabling our final opponents, putting as strong a case together as we possibly could for 2nd place, although the Horde Orks guy had just won on table 2 and Alex had beaten the Battlewagon Orks guy, Tom who had beaten us.

As the results came in we picked up 3rd place and scored the highest Victory Points by a considerable margin of the whole tournamen....7959 out of a maximum 9000...we tabled 4 opponents and more or less destroyed the other 2...not bad hey? We only lost around 2000 pts of our own armies over 6 games...yeah, we're proud of that...

It was a fantastically ran tournament and an excellent showing for the SoS boys.

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  1. this was a textbook case of how to play our army and i think it went magnificently. by this point we had learnt a few lessons and put them into good effect. target priority was spot on and despite a few failed pinning checks from destroyed transports we had enough firepower to wipe out the chaos attack in a single turn.

    all credit to the Night Lords guys. this was about the best list you could be expected to get from the crappy chaos codex without using oblits and they played it well, with sound tactics and targetting.

    in the end though, our list won this one as much as we did.