Friday, 10 December 2010

Deployment in Action: 2

 We started off with how to deploy versus a ‘Hammer’ style list for Mech Blood Angels with our IG army.

Now we have the opportunity to go first. How does this change our set up?

First of all, read Lesson 1.

Back, sweet.

So how is deployment different when you know you are going first? For me we want to strike hard and fast, crippling the advance of the enemy, without over extending our reach.

I’d start with this: 

We don’t know how the enemy will deploy, but we know what he/she (Unicorns do exist, Brent says so) has in their list. This tells us almost all we need to know. 40K can be quite complex in the application of some units and strategies, especially traps being set etc but really, most of the time, a unit does what it says on the tin.

So what do we have?

The Demolisher is lined up to move 6” and bomb the fuck out the LRR that we know is in the list and is most likely going to line up as close as it can and deliver its deathly payload. S10 2D6 penetration…yes please. Scatter? A Land Raider is big. IF your scatter is even bigger? Oh well, its probably going to be supported by other units you might hit them! Lol. But also, it is likely to die to melta….

What melta? Veteran melta mo fo! Please note: only 1 Vendetta is loaded up.

Why? I don’t want to over extend my reach, one set of Vets can blow away a Land Raider…if they don’t somehow, they can block movement and force a death or glory with an autohit melta gun. Now, I know the flamers will just remove the unit, but that’s an extra turn to remove the units other than the LR.

The other Vend will put out side shots on Preds hopefully after a scout move, the Autocannon Vets pump long range shots in, the Plasma will move up for a turn and then fire into side arcs and transports, the other melta vets in their chimera to support the Demolisher…

The manticore and Colossus rain death onto the units holding the objective…

But, that is not the way it would go down.

Some careful placement and the BA player can stifle the alpha strike and negate the advantage of some of our weaponry…

Note: the placement of the Baals mean that the Vendetta cannot Alpha Strike in between the units, protecting the ‘heart’ of the BA deployment zone, within it, the LR…

If the Guard player wishes to Alpha Strike the LRR and stop the Unleash Rage, Furious Charge, FnP Assault termies…which we do… then he has to do so in the indicated um…pollen blob? Which is equidistant 12” from enemy units…

But this is also, unfortunately, out of range of the Vendetta’s capabilities…

Is this Alpha Strike stopped? Pretty much on the Land Raider.

Is this the end of the world for the IG? Not so much. The set up is perfect for dropping up to 4 S10 large blast Ordnance templates and 1 S6 Ordnance large blast on their parking lot… remember, the Colossus always hit vehicles on side armour (to represent the top) and rolls 2D6 so can hurt Preds easily enough.

What happens with the Vendetta’s now then?

Now obviously, the scout sequence would dictate the outcomes here, so it depends who goes first on this roll off. The IG player, us, wants the Marines to go first, hopefully moving one of his units out of his protective ‘anti-alpha strike’ defence.

Is he going to do this? No, probably not. Some players will move their guys just cause they can and feel the guys are over exposed… but a good player, especially if forced to scout move first, will not – keeping that defence intact.

If the IG are forced to go first pressure the side of the parking lot, see if he will move the bottom left Baal out of position to strengthen his main deployment, anticipating it being weakened after a first turn round of IG shooting.

If he does this, it may remove the anti alpha strike defence enough for us to fly in and get the hit.
If he doesn’t, scout move as above and remove a pair of Baals (which will have popped smoke) with the Vendetta’s in Turn 1, without sacrificing the Melta Vets… still effective…

And the Land Raider? Well, fearing the alpha strike and not being brazen in its assurance of ‘Av14 = survival’ means that the Raider needs a full 4 turns of 12” movement to deliver its contents into the heart of the IG deployment zone... I’m not suggesting it won’t do anything til then as TL Ass Cannon and MM at 2 targets a turn are dangerous indeed…

In the meantime, plough forward for the objective while pumping fire into the parking lot…

That’s how I’d do it…you guys run this set up and scenario differently? Next up....Shit I don’t know, there are what 9 combinations in the standard rulebook missions…
Plus well, 3? Common builds minimum from each codex, more from some, less from others…across 14 codices?

Hmm….that’s 378 combinations… 378 Lessons in Deployment…at at least an hour per post, that only 15 days of solid blogging….brilliant..  


  1. you know, your problem here is that there is literally nothing anyone can do except agree with you :)everything you say makes sense.

    obviously, there are variations based on style of play. for example, i'd rarely alpha strike, if ever, and instead scout both vendettas (empty) to the right (bottom of the vassal pics). this way they would be able to take full advantage of their superior range without much fear of reprisal. this would also leave my centre very strong in melta. in this case experience has taught me to make sure the demolisher(s) are behind a chimera screen from turn one, since they are your best option for removing terminators.

  2. Hmm...i see your point..whilst discussion would be very, very welsome...I do want this to be a guide for others and to help me too.

    It's working as it gets you to think about what you'd do, me to question what my assumptions are etc... and hopefully the peeps who have read it have been helped or had their assumptions challenged...

    Or I should just give up now before it gets crazy... ;)

  3. heh, no, dont give up, its a great series. also, its something which (to my knowledge) hasnt been done before.

  4. No for a reason! Kirby commented on the House of Paincakes feature on us...saying, to paraphrase, its chuffing crazy... soooo much to cover...

    next one is up though!