Sunday, 28 November 2010

3rd at Brighton Warlords Doubles

Back from Brighton...just. Great weekend, picked up 3rd place from 30 teams.

Brilliant event, awesome first tournament experience. Some brief numbers before more in depth analysis and BatReps over next few days/week....

6 games - 4 wins, 1 draw (VP victory!) and a loss.

Of the 4 wins...we TABLED 3 opponents.

From a possible 9000 VP's (6 x 1500pt games) we gained a total of 7959. The highest there.

We lost only 1790 points of troops over 6 games.

In the loss, it was Kill Points vs Battlewagon Orks, we failed to stop 1 of 3 Wagons so it hit and Deff Rolla'd stuff and Nobs killed guardsmen...ended 8-6 to Orks, but we killed 1280ish out of 1500 for a loss of 680.

All amazing opponents, great guys to play.
Some great looking armies, some really good players....first game vs Dark Eldar....I'll fill you in soon...


  1. Grats mate :).

    Look forward to pics!

  2. it was a fantastic event and i was very pleased to come third. i learned a huge amount about what massed autocannons can really do, and about the value of target priority. i honestly dont think we made more than two or three mistakes in that regard over the course of the weekend.

    not sure there will be many pics (it was a very dark venue and most of the games were far too intense to take pics), but no doubt some in depth analysis is to come.

  3. Cheers Kirby...there are some pics from games 1 -3 on the first day and of the venue, boards, armies pics from day 2 (games 4-6)...too dark in the venue for decent quality and was too intense as Atr_127 said!

  4. Autocannons are fun =D.

    Disappointment in minimal pictures but oh well :P.