Friday, 6 August 2010

Wolf Mash Up Test Game 1

Got a test game in last night with the Wolf Mash Up list posted here.

Played against the same Eldar army which was giving the Loganwing such major kicks in the bollocks.

Remember, the Mash Up is not designed to kill Eldar, it is designed to kill anything.

We only played til Turn 3 as we wanted to get a good game of Malifaux in.

Rolled Seize ground with 3 objectives and Dawn of War.

By Turn 3 I had 2/3 objectives with 2 mechanised troop units on each. I was not going to push for the third, which was held by Pathfinders in cover and the far right of the board…have it. Serpents were wrecked, Prism was still around, but not that bothered, Banshees and Eldrad and the pathfinders were the only units un-mauled. I had lost 1/3 units of Long Fangs, a TWC and the Wolf Guard that dropped into the back field on his own…

I am really pleased with how it played…

So what worked?

The lone wolf guard in TDA w Combi-Melta and CFist worked spot on. For a guy who costs all told about 80pts…he rocks. With low expectations he dropped in and wrecked a Wave Serpent carrying Dire Avengers…he then died the following turn…but he had certainly had a greater impact on the game than his cost. (Note: I am not using the phrase ‘won his points back’, I am more concerned with the overall impact on the performance of the Eldar army)

The Wolf Scouts? (put them in for the Lone Wolf at a straight swap) well, I have never really been big on these, but a second unit appearing in the back field can help to mess with deployment and keep the opponents mind on that to a degree.

They showed up turn 3 and engaged the Reapers…and took them out, so they did their job. They most certainly have the potential to mess stuff up…but they still have the drawback of 33% of the time, not showing up where I want them. Of course, they also may not show up some times! But, it’s only 85 points so I can live with that if they don’t…

Lone TWC? These guys were great. One died actually without doing anything…not so great actually. The other however, wrecked a Wave Serpent after it had moved flat out. S5 Wolf Claws with re-rolls on hits work well!
This guy then ran through a unit of Dire Avengers, staying in combat with just 2/3 guys, so he’d be safe from shooting and free in my turn to rampage into something else… If he wasn’t charged by Banshees whilst he had his mobility negated.

The rhino/GH/melta standard troop units worked really well, having the razors with lascannon/plasma and the rhino’s with HKM all contributed to my weight of fire..

They did bugger all to fortuned, flat out moving Serpents but hey ho…
What did not work?

Rune Priest even managed to get off his LL and SC despite rolling on 3D6 and even cancelled out maybe one or two psychic powers from Eldrad.

So all elements worked this time….


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