Monday, 16 August 2010

BatRep:Space Wolves Vs Eldar (Fritz/Harlies) PICS!

No pre-amble. Get stuck in! 

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead

His List:
3 x 8 Harlequins w Shadowseer & all w. Kisses
3 x 5 Pathfinders
2 x EML/BL Wraithlords

You can see my Wolves list here.

From the off I was not sure about this game. I have a lot of KP’s in my list and with some smart play it could be made very difficult for me to clinch a victory.

I won the roll off and deployment looked like this: 

Eldar seized the initiative! Bloody Eldrad and his farseer foresight!

Turn 1
Eldar advance and their shooting kills a Long Fang. Space Wolf rhino’s move up in a choo-choo style formation, front one popping smoke. Long Fangs fail to kill any Pathfinders (no other in-range, viable target) and the Land Speeder turbo boosts up the flank, out of sight behind the rock formation.

Turn 2
Harlequins move up, Pathfinders in the back ruins/forest move into Long Rifle range. First Wraithlord fires on the Long Fangs, but fails to kill. The second ‘Lord fires at the front rhino in formation, but fails to damage. Pathfinders in the grey rubble fire on 4 man Long Fangs, but cover saves are made.

In return, the Long Fangs are either out of range or fail to wound the Wraithlords…not normally a problem of theirs, Eldar construct showing those Tyranid MC’s how to be actually tough… One of the scouts shows up and fails to wound a Wraithlord in the back. Speeder hops over the terrain and toasts 3 Harlequins…blowing his load too early perhaps?

Turn 3
Eldar move into fire positions, Pathfinders in the middle of their formation (painted green) gun down the Land Speeder, Eldrads Pathfinders cause 3 wounds on the Wolf Scouts annoying the rear of the Eldar and one scout falls dead from the precise fire.

Second scouts come in in the near-edge woods and move to eliminate the close by Harlequin squad. The Grey Hunter squads hustle out of their rhinos and unload rapid firing holy boltgun death into the 2 Harlequin squads in the mid-table, despite the Veil of Tears obscuring their vision. When the dust settles, one squad is reduced to just its Shadowseer and the other has 2 Harlequins and the Shadowseer left. Both pass their morale checks and look to the Laughing God for the funny side… The scouts in the near woods shoot and assault the 3rd Harlequin squad, eliminating them without loss.

Turn 4

Retaliation from the combined pathfinders reduces the left Grey Hunter squad to 2 men and pins them. Wraithlord plasma missile kills 2 scouts and pins them in the back field. The central Grey Hunter unit receives the charge of the remnants of Harlequins, losing 4 of their pack brothers, but killing the squad of 3, leaving just 1 Shadowseer on the table, they stay locked in combat as blood spills hotly, stinging their enhanced senses.

Wolves. Long Fang and HK Missiles from rhinos kill one Wraithlord, the remaining Long Fangs and HKM are off target for the second Wraithlord. The third Long Fang unit drop frag missiles on Eldrad and his squad of Pathfinders, killing one of the Eldar scouts.
The Grey Hunters mount up and rumble forward – protecting the 2 pinned Hunters avoiding the KP being given up and also threatening a charge on the thin line of pathfinders running in front of them next turn, popping smoke to shroud themselves – 2 can play that game! The TWC follow closely, their mounts smelling blood…

It currently 4 – 2 to the SW on Kill Points

Turn 5

Eldrad leaves his unit to try and pop an advancing rhino, but his Singing Spear penetrates, but cover save is made (NOTE: This is a good thing as Eldrad does nto have a Singing Spear! We established this in game 3, but soon as it did nothing here…its all good!). The surviving Wraithlord smashes a Bright Lance shot and Missile into a smoked rhino, but no significant damage is done (stunned) from the giant constructs efforts. The Pathfinders in the rubble penetrate with 3 AP1, rending shots against a rhino, but cover is made…good quality smoke!

Grey Hunters slam open the rhino tops and pour righteous flame over the same Pathfinders that were firing on them, toasting one. The other Grey Hunters make their way through the rubble, hoping to charge…all they need is a 3…
In a stunning display of discipline, the 2 lone Thunderwolves charge past Eldrad into the Pathfinders he left behind. All 3 squads of Long Fangs smash accurate krak missile fire into Eldrad..who makes all of his 3++ saves!  The near by scout squad then fires Melta fire into Eldrad…who saves.
The TWC wipe out the Pathfinders and consolidate threatening the Big E next turn.

Score:  6 – 3 to the Wolves.

Turn 6

Eldrad moves in and kills a Thunderwolf (rolling too many attacks but hey ho! We figured this out later!), the Wraithlord kills 2 scouts then charges, fluffing his rolls (3x1’s! lol), the remaining Pathfinders fail to wound the other TWC unit.
Its 6 – 4 at the end of Eldar 6.
TWC charges the Wraithlord, but despite hitting all 3 hits and re-rolling wounds, fails to strip the 2 wounds from the Lord. The Lord kills off his lone Wolf Scout opponent, gaining a kill point. The Grey Hunters with the Rune Priest attack Eldrad who has just survived another round of Long Fang and melta fire…Eldrad causes a wound to the Rune Priest and suffers one himself.
In other close combat, the Grey Hunters who failed to make combat vs the remaining Pathfinders last turn, make it this turn, wiping them out.

Game does not go to Turn 7, it’s a Wolf victory; 7 – 5 on Kill Points, with just a wounded Eldrad and wounded Wraithlord left on the table.

So. Thoughts? I've got 2 more reports coming over the next few days, more playtesting for the Wolves and for this Eldar list...

What obvious mistakes did we make? Could I have reduced the loss of precious Wolf blood? I'm pretty sure I minimised my casualties and did not over extend myself...whereas Steve DID over-extend and was punished for it... 

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  1. you kicked my ass but i think i can make the harlequins work