Friday, 30 July 2010

Wolf Guard WIP for Loganwing...

Here is a 50% complete Loganwing Terminator I am working on. Started with the painting and basing this afternoon and got to about half way done.

I am really pleased with the base as I have never tried to use multiple layered slate and snow togther...pretty pleasing to mine own eye wot?

More work on all metallics, hair, bone, face, cloak wet blending up to a much lighter (but still warm) red and glazing for armour too, unsure whether to weather his armour or not.

Feel the armour kind of looks a bit flat with a simple drybrushed highlight.

The armour is currently;
Primed grey (Halfords you rule)
Badab Black wash (heavy)
Drybrush Fortress Grey
Drybursh COdex Grey

All my Wolves got this treatment and the Termies are the last to get it, then it'll be done.

The regular Wolf Guard (if there is such a thing) are based with snow, but not on slate-'mountains' as well, only TDA boys get this.

There are 5 of these guys to do (6 inc Logan Grimnar) in my Loganwing army (found here).

It'll be slow going over the next week or so, but damn....they will look sweet on the table as they blow away vehicles and monstrous creatures left, right and centre with a fury reminiscent of Russ himself...or something.

Oh, and yes. I know he needs a shoulder pad on his right shoulder.
I ran out.


  1. Superb job....

    2 guys that came very close to tempting me along the canine path...

    BulldogUK - Bit more of of a cartoony look, but mighty fine! Check out his Crimson Ultrafists for some real boners!

    Capt Nuss - the important thing here is the timeframe in which these guys were popped out!

    Entries 72 and 95 may be of your liking too!

    Anyway, great job so far and cracking base!

  2. Cheers guys.
    BroLo...slipping in the boner again... thought Project Mayhem had died in its infancy...

    BulldogUK stuff is gorgeous... the wolves obviously, but the Ultrawings are wicked - incredible work.

    I love Capt Nuss' stuff! The airbrushed look is so good. Just can't be copied with a brush. Plus, my drybrushed army style doesn't come near it!

    I find painting using blends/wet blends looks immense,but takes to long for me to finish an army...the boredom sets in and I move on. With a drybrished highlight I can smash through the army and it still looks ok.

    Get painting those Black Templars BroLo...