Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What does the BA FAQ mean to Mech BA?

Um. Not much.

But first of all, did anyone truly think that multiple DoA stacked? With no scatter? I mean, come on people don't be cock jockeys all your lives.

Baal can turbo boost in their scout move...well, good that's how I've been rolling...of course they can.

Baal's can pop smoke in their scout move well, also good as this is how I've been running it.

We can take Land Raiders as DT's for tac squads etc. Cool, not been playing with these...but great to have the option.

No reroll for Corbs pre-game 'who goes first'...going to hamper at least one BA player I know, but not me. Reduces his effectiveness a bit... But still pretty cool.

The clarification of when you have to be in range of a Blood Chalice to receive its benefit is good.

As others have said, ONE WORD ANSWERS FTW! Nothing massively unexpected, bar Corbs-nerf, good job GW.

On the Nid one too; Mawlocs work, No stacking Hive Commander, No DoM in vehicles, stacking bioweapons, No IC for Tyrants... all gravy baby.

Now to readdress my all reserves nids...I guess its not cool to have anyone better than Imperials at reserving/DS....yeah, ok Eldar get to play...whoot.

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  1. I liked the FAQs overall, clear answers and no bullshit, but reserve nids got shit on.