Tuesday, 18 May 2010

King of Kings...well, ish...

So the Blood Angels have not been forgotten! Between work and some posting about Malifaux not much has been said about my Mech BA - the whole reason for being of this blog...

They are not dead.
Far from it.
For the past 5 weeks I have been playing in a local tournament organised by a dude who wants to be a games designer. We have had 2 games per week, rotating around and playing as many of the other guys as possible.

The pairings were made on basically who was there at the time on Tuesday and who was not engaged in a game already...or just about to finish. This is not the way to do it, and of course, this meant that I did not get to play everyone - I did however, get to play a really good spread from across the league, the top guys, the middle guys and a couple of lower ranking guys.

There were 4 points available for a complete victory, calculated on VPs from 4th ed and for objectives - how many you held, contested.

Tonight, the winners were announced and I came first. Wicked. What did I win? a gold Mephiston on a tower of dice and £40 in GW vouchers, £30 went to second and £20 3rd, £10 4th...

Awesomesauce = bottled me.

I haven't posted reports cause well, a guy has to have some secret thoughts and ideas...

The little trophy is in the display cabinet in GW Cambridge with my name on, alongside the Silver Farseer trophy for the mechdar that came second and a Bronze Dante trophy for 3rd place...even though I don't think Josh used Dante at all...whatever.

I'll get photos of the trophy next Tuesday.

Our top 3 featured 2 BA armies.
Other armies on display in the tournament were:
- SW ( a few of these - 3 I think all crap frankly)
- Lash ChaosSM (shut down by mech - kill the oblits and um what you gonna do?)
- Mech tau (no kroot, no broadsides, very tooled up suits)
- a couple of Imperial Guard (melta vets/valks etc - pretty competitive, not too much in the way of garden appliance style)
- Sisters (beautiful army - now retired in favour of IG...what can I say?)
Tyranids x 2 (1x TervFarm style, 1x mini-Nidzilla - Trygons, Hive Guard, Warriors, Alpha, Gaunts)
Orks (Battleforce)
Speesh MraineZ (Battleforce)

Overall thoughts were that I got to try out a few different ideas, some work - some don't. I am really happy with the list as it is in its final state.

I will post this seperately so it can be found easily - but I am getting what I wanted, namely building up skills and thoughts with the one army. It has been played extensively since the day the dex was available and looks great on the tabletop.
I feel that by focussing on one army and its capabilities I am definately getting far more efficient in how I run them and how consistently the Mech BA come out on top...

My biggest surprise of the tournament was no FootDar? WTF?



  1. Well done, looking forward to them reports if you can get to 'em.

  2. Thanks man, and on a more serious note, hope your ACL surgery went well...what you need to recover now man is Blackjack and Hookers! Literally, I've heard they are an immense cure-all...

    I didn't take proper notes for batreps as I'm still learning with the whole blog-thing and frankly alot of the games were just like pick-up games but with the results recorded.

    Hence the king of kings...ish! Not to derail my own party but it was only a local thing and poorly ran.

    At least no gimped comp scores to contend with. But some of the guys were a bit of a pushover - thought their list was great, but really it was battleforce or just plain weak/4th.