Sunday, 16 May 2010

Creepy Kids and Carebears ....More Malifaux

'Sup guys.
Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Me? I'm chillaxing after hard working week and busy day house hunting yesterday by painting all day.
Thats right baby!
A whole day of geek action... I'm so cool.

Anyway, after last weeks first game of Malifaux I decided not only did I really like this game, but that the crew I ran, the Viktorias were too similar to a Warhammer army - my guys moved, ran, charged, shot stuff had a few spells, but essentially were a bit 'samey'.

I needed something different and I'd had my eye on these creepy bastards since I was first shown the Wyrd catalogue.

So here are my Neverborn crew - well, Baby Kade, Candy and Teddy...I have a Master too to run run the crew - Lilith (sexy, leather loving vamp with a huge sword) but haven't painted her up yet. Can't decide colour scheme for her...

All three have a gloss varnish coat drying at the mo, but will be dulled down with a matt coat later tonight.

These guys were awesome fun to paint and I got to run wild on paint scheme (inspired by Pink Tyranids blog). I'd wanted to paint something pink for ages and just couldn't justify it in the grim dark, 41st millenium...however, in the twisted world of Malifaux...

Whilst fun, they also took an age because of their size. Teddy is of course cool as he is about 150% Space Marine size, but the small. They are just over KNEE height to a Space Marine. The pain!

But I do now have something wildly different from 40k in everyway... Sweet. Can't wait to try them out on Monday night.


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