Friday, 9 April 2010

Mech BA Vs Tau Game 2

Tau have rocked up to bring ever greater expansion to the 3rd Sphere...however the fury of the Blood Angels reckons to give them pause...

In this report I have 'mis-commented' or something - I skip in my commentary from turn 2 straight to 3, seemingly ignoring a whole turn of action, this is not the case, just forgot where I was up to when I did the turn roundup on camera.

So this whole game actually is over by turn 4. The final BA player turn 4 I haven't bothered to film as the Angels swept the remaining Tau from the board and frankly, this position is clear enough to see on the film.

Disruption Pods on the Tau vehicle saved them alot from rockets, lascannons, Assault Cannons etc this game, and the importance of either moving within 12" or providing enough penetrating firepower cannot be over-emphasised.

The Tau list is the same as before. This is not the most competitive Tau army out there. When I ran Tau as my principal army I rolled with at great deal more Crisis Suits. TLMP for the win! No Piranha's usually for me, and the IonHead was usually a 3rd RailHead. These changes were made affordable by dropping the Piranha's, dropping the Pathfinders and dropping the Shas'El and bodyguard to 'Deathrain' configurations rather than the hyper-expensive (but hyper-efficint) 'Fireknife' configurations.

So why do the Tau get to roll out a 'sub-par' list against the new and cheaper Mech BA? Well, to be honest I thought the Ion cannon might be more efficient at penetratin the abundance of AV11 side armour and that the plethora of Fusion Blasters on the Piranhas, combined with their phenomenal speed would help to stall the advance of the BA vehicles, plus Flechette Dischargers would discourage CC. Oh, and Fireknives usually are all good for taking out MEQ.

Anyway, have a look at how it all went down....

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