Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mech BA Vs Necrons Game 2

OK. So here is game 2 of BA against the undying metal monsters. Except that, well, if you get into CC with them, they DO die. Pretty damn quick.

I am trying to get a good amount of playtesting in, in between games against other, equally competitive dudes at my local GW.

The process you guys are seeing is the behind-the-scenes magic of how I realise my army building is either rubbish or actually reasonable.

The army being used in these videos really is not all that amazing. I think that I made a couple of poor choices in using Tactical marines over Regular Assault Squads (RAS) - this is because the RAS get a 35 point discount on dedicated transports for getting shot of their Jump Packs (JP).

For 15 points cheaper I can have the exact same set up but also get a meltagun for each squad.

Anyway...more thoughts on list building in later posts.

This Necron army consists of the following:

C'Tan Deceiver
2 x 10 Warriors
3 x 4 Destoyers

This was the same as in Game 1. I know Necrons are not considered competitive. I know they suck ass. But I like them and I want a variety of different armies to test against. At the local store I get plenty of 'Nids, Marines, Guard (Vendetta/Valk and melta vet heavy usually...a few medusas seem to becoming more frequent too),Eldar (Mech...Mech NOT footdar!), Sisters and Orks.
I need to see test against all kinds of stuff.

So, a slightly more concise report this time:

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