Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mech BA Vs Necrons Game 1

First ever battle report. This is a test game for my current BA Mech list. Several points to note;
1) Sorry about quality of my voiceover! I'll get better!
2) This list is actualy already outdated as I await the arrival of my 3rd Baal Predator and my 3rd Razorback...More on the lists in another post.
3) Really important to note that my kitchen table (yes! I know, how cool am I?) is actually over 6ft long, but is only 3 and a bit ft wide, so weapon range is odd and therefore it doesn't truly reflect the game as would be played in a tournament. I know this, but the principals are similar. Bear in mind, every week I play on full size tables at my LGS.

Anyway, enjoy the first of my vids vs Necrons. The first report is REALLY long! Sorry. It took me half the day to reduce my commentary to succint, accurate and relevant information only...bear with me brothers!

Comments well and truly appreciated.

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